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Outward Opening

The neo-Renaissance style is also continued on the loggia. The arcade structure of the loggia is intended to convey an airiness and openness and thus, according to the architect, must allow the 1st floor to open to the outside.

Many artists applied for the commission to decorate the building, and it finally went to Moritz von Schwind (1804-1871). For the vaulted ceiling he made frescoes inspired by Mozart’s Magic Flute. The lunettes feature plot elements from the opera surrounding Tamino & Pamina, while the ceiling is dominated by Papageno &Papagena as well as animals. In the center is a depiction of Mozart as a child on the lap of Empress Maria Theresa.

On the front of the loggia are statues of allegorical figures designed by Julius Hähnel: In the center is thematically placed the »artistic imagination« as the origin of all art, to its left are »comedy« and »love«, to its right »tragedy« and »heroism«. To address music as comprehensively as possible, genii float on the walls to the side of the loggia, representing the four movements of a symphony: Andante, Adagio, Scherzo and Allegro. 

With the beginning of Bogdan Roščić’s direction, in September 2020, a temporary light installation was attached to the Opera’s facade. The installation is formed by delicate LED light lines in each of the five openings of the Schwindloggia facing the Ring. 

The first lettering to light up was »OPEN« in September 2020. This visual sign signaled an attitude, a standing invitation to the entire city, a widely visible commitment to being open to all - even after the month-long closure period in the spring of 2020 caused by Covid-19.

With this installation by Austrian designer Alexander Kada, a communication channel is created that allows the Vienna State Opera to engage with its surroundings in a completely new way, encouraging participation in art and culture as well as in everyday life and public dialogue.