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An eclectic musical adventure journey. The destination is a mysterious, magical portal that only opens once every hundred years. But where is this enchanted entrance? What is certain is that it is one of the many secrets of the enormous building housing the Wiener Staatsoper, and one that has been sought in vain since the opera house opened in 1869. Yet it is supremely important! For it is only by passing through it that Belmonte, Constanze and their friends can finally escape to freedom. Happily, children seem to have a special talent for finding this very door – with a little luck precisely on the only day when it is open. And so, with the help of these young visitors, for once the search could be crowned with success.

Commissioned by the Wiener Staatsoper, experienced theatre-maker and founder of the “Lower Austrian Fairytale Summer” Nina Blum has designed a multi-station mobile opera for children aged six to twelve intended to inspire a passion for opera in these young visitors. The paths to be travelled are also part of the production; each participant is both spectator and actor and will enjoy their own unique experience of the journey. Mozart’s The Abduction from the Seraglio forms the basis for this theatre experience lasting nearly one-and-a-half hours, with additional music written by Austrian composer Gerald Resch. Family performances at which children are accompanied by adults will be offered as well as school presentations.

Performances for school classes: Wed. 6 Oct, Tue. 12 Oct, Tue. 16 Nov, Wed. 17 Nov, Mon. 22 Nov, Tue. 23 Nov, Wed. 15 Dec, Thu. 16 Dec, Tue. 21 Dec 2021; Mon. 28 Mar, Tue. 29 Mar, Wed. 30 Mar, Mon. 30 May 2022

With the Barber of Seville, Gioachino Rossini created a masterpiece that has always enthralled, entertained and thrilled audiences. This season, the Vienna State Opera is once again presenting the Barber for Children, which celebrated its premiere in May 2021: sung in German, performed in the Großes Haus. Here, actor Andy Hallwaxx as the servant Ambrogio leads us through the one-hour, abridged plot, in which we experience the story of the hairdresser Figaro, who tricks the old Dr Bartolo and brings together the young lovers Almaviva and Rosina. Ensemble singers and members of the opera studio can be heard.

Performances for school classes: Wed. 16.2. Thu. 17.2., Fri. 18.2., Fri. 13.5. 2022

Information and registration for school classes: Margarete Krenn-Arnold at jugend@wiener-staatsoper.at

Every year in the hours after the Opera Ball, the Vienna State Opera undergoes a miraculous transformation. Where there was dance music just a moment ago, there is suddenly the sound of a thousand children's laughter, you see young, curious eyes, enchanted faces. The ballroom is now a theatre stage, and here Mozart's Magic Flute is played in a version suitable for children. Tamino and Pamina, the Queen of the Night and Sarastro, Papageno as narrator, a colourful crowd of animals and many other characters populate the stage for an hour, and you can hear ensemble members and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Many of the 7,000 children who experience the two performances are in the Vienna State Opera for the first time, perhaps for the first time ever in a theatre. But if you watch the young visitors sitting all over the auditorium, you see how immediate and threshold-free opera is - by virtue of the music, the emotions, the performers. No wonder that more than a few of the 120,000 children who have experienced The Magic Flute at the State Opera have been so inspired by the unique energy of a live musical theatre performance that they are still telling us about this »State Opera experience« years later!

Registration and ticket allocation for school classes: Austrian Directorate of Education

#utopera: How do we want the future to be? And how definitely not? Since October 2020, in the participatory music theatre project »Opera Lab«, 17 youths and young adults between the ages of 14 and 23 have been dealing with their dystopian and utopian visions of the future, negotiating perspectives on contemporary society and putting them into artistic form, inspired by thematic and musical themes from Verdi's Macbeth and with the support of professionals from the Vienna State Opera and Superar. The result is a music theatre performance written and composed by the young people, Der letzte Tag!, which is now being performed with the stage orchestra of the State Opera in the Ankersaal. 

Future: The year is 2084, and there is no more outrage here! The egoists, narcissists and reality suppressors have prevailed with their »Everything will be all right« mantra. Once again, society is coming together »at one table« to celebrate the last day. Because: There are no more alternatives and »it can't be all that bad anyway«.

Performances for school classes: Sat 23.10., Sun 24.10.2021




While the children's opera programmes are aimed at the youngest visitors, the Young Vienna State Opera also aims to introduce teenagers to the unique world and workings of musical theatre. For the price of € 15 or € 20 school classes can attend selected performances of the extensive repertoire. An introduction to the work can be booked 1.5 hours before each performance.


Educational theatre workshops are available for the following works: Don Giovanni, Wozzeck; Ballet: Tänze Bilder Sinfonien, Mahler, Live.

Recommended age: 7th to 12th/13th grade (depending on the work)

Dress rehearsal tickets 

The exclusive 10€ ticket contingent for the dress rehearsals of the new productions is also available to school classes. Teachers can place orders for their school classes at jugend@wiener-staatsoper.at 

Age recommendation: 7th to 12th/13th grade (depending on the work)

Information and registration for school classes: 
Margarete Krenn-Arnold jugend@wiener-staatsoper.at