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Netiquette of the Vienna State Opera

The social media platforms of the Vienna State Opera are not only a place for a large number of contributions and content, but also offer constant stimuli for joint exchange. Therefore, it is important to us that all users have the opportunity to engage in constructive and interested discussions with each other. The basis for any communication is mutual respect and tolerance for other lifestyles and views. This also applies to our company and the management. Of course, we also adhere to the following "Do's and Don'ts":

Respectful interaction
Certain limits and rules of freedom of expression also apply on the Internet. Statements of a discriminatory or defamatory nature, i.e. attacks, insults and abuse, are prohibited. This includes radical, sexist and racist statements. Also inappropriate are insulting comments about age, physical condition or income level. A good comment should not only have a respectful tone, but also aim at the topic of the contribution and, in the best case, support your own opinion with arguments in case of differences in content. Since we would like to communicate openly with you, we would ask you to state your real name when contacting us.

Bottom line, we ask the community: think first, then post! 
Our social media team reserves the right in the case of comments that contain violations of one or more of these discussion rules to hide or delete the comment after a reference to this netiquette.

Similarly, (spam) comments or references (links/URLs to external providers, etc.) of a promotional nature, made for commercial purposes, will not be tolerated. After a review by our team, the comment will be hidden or removed. 

Important Information: 
It should be further pointed out with this netiquette that the removal of user comments does not constitute censorship, but is in accordance with the GTC of the Vienna State Opera.

Thank you for your understanding