The Official Circle of Friends of Wiener Staatsoper

»The only way to have a friend is to be one.«

Private and corporate engagement is becoming increasingly important to our work of advancing and reinforcing the Wiener Staatsoper as one of the world’s leading opera houses.
We regard engagement as upholding shared ideals and also making financial contributions. The most loyal patrons of the Wiener Staatsoper are also its ambassadors, and they express their connection to the opera house in many different ways. Supporting the Wiener Staatsoper not only means being personally committed to one of the most important cultural institutions in the country, it also offers the satisfaction of being part of an artistic dialogue and an important social mission.
With the 2020/21 season, the Wiener Staatsoper is therefore establishing a separate, official Circle of Friends whose support will go exclusively to the opera house. The goals of the Circle of Friends are:

    → to offer its members concrete benefits when purchasing tickets and visiting the opera house;

    → to enter into a dialogue with members within the scope of events developed exclusively for the Circle of Friends;

    → to dedicate all funds raised by the Circle of Friends to inviting new, young audiences to the opera house.

To this end, new communication and participation programmes will be developed to allow young audience members to attend dress rehearsals or to facilitate the integration of our new opera studios in these activities.

As part of the new official Circle of Friends, you will meet up with like-minded patrons and have a choice of different levels of membership. When you join, you will be offered a variety of opportunities to participate in the artistic life of the opera house, to stay informed, and to enjoy benefits. No matter which level you choose, with any contribution you are creating the chance for all those interested in music, but especially younger, economically disadvantaged patrons, to experience and come to love the irresistible fascination of opera.