Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about your visit to Wiener Staatsoper

There are 4 designated wheelchair spaces in the orchestra stalls for visitors with limited mobility with a companion seat. In addition, there are up to 18 designated wheelchair spaces with a companion seat on the balcony.

As soon as the season preview has been published in spring, you can pre-order tickets for the coming season in writing from the reservation office Bestellbüro der Wiener Staatsoper, 1010 Vienna, Operngasse 2, or kartenvertrieb(at), via fax (+43-1-514 44-2969) and, during the season, also via telephone (+43-1-514 44-2653). Given the high demand, reservations for wheelchair spaces, too, will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Companion seats are available only in combination with a wheelchair space.

Holders of a disability certificate are entitled to a 50% discount at the evening box office, provided that there are any remaining tickets. For more information, please click here.

At what time does admission start?

The opera opens its doors 1 hour before curtain time.

When and where can I get tickets for Wiener Staatsoper?

Below, you will find information how to buy and book tickets as well as opening hours and address details of our ticket offices:
→ Information on tickets sales / booking
Opening hours and addresses

When does the evening box office open?

The evening box office at the foyer of Wiener Staatsoper opens one hour before curtain.  

When and where can I collect my tickets?

You can collect your tickets from all Bundestheater ticket offices during their respective opening hours. For addresses and opening hours, please click here.

Can I print out my tickets at home?

If you book your tickets online on our website or at, you can either print out your tickets at the end of the purchase procedure by clicking on the print@home button or have them sent to your mobile device. Please note that you can only print out tickets until the evening before the performance.

Can I exchange or return tickets I already bought?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to exchange or return tickets already bought (except when there is a change of performance).    

I would like to see a performance that is already sold out. What possibilities are there to still attend the performance?

Waiting list
Our website features an online waiting list. Please select the performance you would like to see online, click on “Buy ticket” and then select the option “Standby tickets”. Use the form displayed to enter the details for the tickets you want and the latest time you will accept ticket allocation If you are allocated a ticket, you will be informed by e-mail.

Standing room space
Standing room space is available at short notice also for sold-out performances. For more information, please click here.

Are there student tickets available?

Where performances are not sold out, school children and students under the age of 27, apprentices, persons on Austrian mandatory military or community service who can present corresponding photo ID, as well as unemployed persons (Public Employment Service card holders) can obtain reduced-price tickets at the evening box office 30 minutes before curtain (prices ranging from € 8 to € 28).

I have lost my tickets. What should I do now?

We will try our best to help you. Please contact one of our ticket offices at +43-1-514 44-7811.

What is the difference between a subscription and a cycle?

A subscription means that you book 5 fixed performances during one season, all on the same day of the week (at your choice) and with a fixed seat, at a discount of up to 25%. You can find out which performances are included in your subscription when the season preview is published.  

A cycle includes a fixed combination of different works with 3 to 5 performance dates. Different discounts are obtainable for our cycles. One cycle is valid for one season.

For more information, please click here.

How can I order a subscription or a cycle?

You can find all the information you need on our subscriptions and cycles in our Cycles Folder or here. Please use the form in the folder to place orders.
Our subscriptions office will readily assist you.

What benefits do I enjoy as a sponsor when buying tickets?

Sponsors of Wiener Staatsoper have the opportunity to reserve tickets for the entire season as soon as the schedule has been published. We are of course always trying our best to assist you with individual requests at short notice.

Where can I find out more about the cast on the night of the performance?

You will find details about the cast of any given performance on our website, on the current cast list (insert in the programme booklet), on the playbill, in the monthly schedule folder, and our monthly Prolog magazine. If you want to know if there have been any cast changes, please consult our website.

Where can I find up-to-date information on cast changes?

You can find up-to-date information on cast changes on the playbill, on the start page of the website of Wiener Staatsoper or here.

I was unable to enjoy the performance by a specific artist due to cast change. Will I get a refund?

Unfortunately, cast changes do occur, but this does not entitle you to returning your tickets. You will get a refund only if there is a change of performance (but not for discounted tickets). For further information, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions. 

Can I pre-order food and drink for the interval?

Our catering partner Gerstner will be pleased to prepare a table with delicious food and drinks for you in your preferred interval foyer (Gustav Mahler Hall, Marble Hall, Schwind Foyer, ground-floor level, Galerie level so you can fully enjoy the interval without having to wait. Please make your selection and reservation directly at the bar of your choice in the time between admission and curtain, or order online here.

Café Oper Wien in the opera building (facing Herbert von Karajan-Platz) is open all day long and will gladly take orders for food and drink for opera performance intervals.  

For more information, please click here.

Where can I buy CDs, DVDs, books or souvenirs?

You can find the new Vienna State Opera store in the architecturally redesigned opera foyer as well as online, in cooperation with Buchhandlung Walther König. You can expect a carefully selected assortment of books about the Vienna State Opera and opera in general, as well as gifts and souvenirs.

Before performances and during intervals, you can buy a variety of items from our ushers (on the left-hand side of the grand staircase).

Are there discounts for children?

Wiener Staatsoper is pleased to welcome young audiences and generally offers discount tickets at a flat rate of € 15 for children under the age of 14.
For more details, click here.

Due to official rules and regulations, Wiener Staatsoper regrets to inform you that it is not possible to have children sitting on the lap of an accompanying person or to use booster seats. Our information office +43-1-514 44-2250 will be pleased to tell you more about age recommendations for any given productions.  

Is it mandatory to check in coats? Where are the cloakrooms located?

Please be aware that you must check in coats and jackets as well as large bags and other items (backpacks, suitcases, umbrellas, musical instruments) at the cloakrooms, which are free of charge.
Cloakrooms are located next to the entrances on Operngasse and Herbert von Karajan-Platz. There are further cloakrooms at Balkon level (right and left) and Galerie level. If you have booked box seats, please use the facilities provided in your box. → General terms and conditions of cloakroom insurance.

Is there a dress code for attending opera performances?

We appreciate if you would match the way you dress to the elegant setting of the opera building. Please understand that persons dressed very informally (for instance, wearing short pants or leisurewear) may be refused admission by our supervisors even though they hold valid tickets.  

For premieres and gala performances, we welcome festive evening attire.  

The Vienna Opera Ball has a mandatory dress code:

Ladies: long evening dress

Gentlemen: white tie or military dress uniform

Where can I find out how long a performance will last?

The start and end times of each performance are shown on the website under »Schedule and Tickets«, in the monthly schedule folders, in our monthly Prolog magazine, on the playbill and on the cast list.

Gift certificates for Wiener Staatsoper performances are available from our ticket offices in any denomination you choose or can be ordered from the Bundestheater information office (e-mail: info(at), telephone: (+43-1-514 44-7880) for postal delivery.
You can redeem gift certificates when ordering tickets in writing or when buying tickets at our ticket offices.
Our partner Culturall also offers online gift certificates for sale here; you can also redeem these online.
Gift certificates for our live streams are available here.  

Where can I find dates for guided tours of the opera house?

For dates of guided tours, please click here.

How can I book a tour?

You do not need to book or register in advance, just present yourself at the entrance located on the corner of Opernring / Operngasse 15 minutes before the scheduled start of any guided tour. You will find the sales office at the same location.  

Registration is required only for groups of 20 persons or more and for special tours (9 o’clock tour, disabled access tour). Please call +43-1-514 44-2614 or send a fax to +43-1-514 44-2624 or an e-mail to tours(at)

Is there an interval in the performance and how long is it?

You can find more information about whether the performance you are attending has an interval and how long this interval is going to be on the playbill, on the cast list as well as posted at the box circle, ground floor, and 1st circle levels. Depending on the work being performed, the interval will last about 20 to 25 minutes.

What language are the operas performed in?

At Wiener Staatsoper, all operas are performed in their original languages. During the performance, you have access to subtitles in six languages at every seat or standing room space.
For more information, please click here

Will I still be admitted if the performance has already started?

In the interest of both the artists and the audience, late arrivals will be admitted only during intervals. Until the next interval, you can watch the performance live on a large-screen TV on the gallery or at the bar on the ground floor level. If a performance has no intervals, late arrivals cannot be admitted at all, unfortunately. For further information, please refer to our House Rules.

I lost something while attending a performance. Who can I turn to?

Please get in touch with our supervisory staff during the interval or after the performance. You will find their offices in the foyer on the right-hand side of the grand staircase.
Should you fail to notice your loss until later, please contact Betriebsfeuerwehr der Wiener Staatsoper (in-house fire service) tel. +43-1-51444-2415 or e-mail: feuerwehr(at)

Can I use my mobile phone or tablet during a performance?

We kindly ask you to switch off mobile phones and tablets completely for the duration of the performance so you will not disturb the artists or the other members of the audience.

Where can I rent an opera glass?

You can rent an opera glass at the cloakrooms for € 2 (subject to availability).

Where can I park?

There are two underground car parks in the direct vicinity of Wiener Staatsoper:

ÖPARK Kärntnerringgarage
Mahlerstrasse 8
1010 Vienna  


Best in parking – Kärntnerstrasse Tiefgarage (“Operngarage”)
Herbert von Karajan-Platz
1010 Vienna 

The direct access to the foyer of the Wiener Staatsoper is currently closed.

Are there discounts available for parking?

Wiener Staatsoper and ÖPARK-Kärntnerringgarage at Mahlerstrasse 8 (located under the Ringstrassengalerien shopping mall) offer discounted flat-fee parking for persons attending performances at Wiener Staatsoper (up to 8 hours parking for € 7). Please draw a ticket at the entrance to the Kärntnerringgarage underground car park and have it stamped at one of the discount machines located at the cloakrooms of Wiener Staatsoper.
This discount does not apply to the Kärtnerstrasse underground car park (»Operngarage«).
For more information, please click here. 

Am I allowed to take photographs or make video recordings?

For reasons of copyright, it is not allowed to make photographic, audio or video recordings of performances.
You may of course take pictures for private purposes in the lounge rooms and bars as well as before and after the performance.
Any recordings made for commercial and journalistic purposes always require approval by the press office.

Where can I buy programme booklets?

A special programme booklet is designed and published for each production of Wiener Staatsoper. You can buy it from our ushers before the performance. Programme booklets for all productions (with the exception of premiers and soloist concerts) as well as a voucher for the cast list are also available with advance ticket purchases from the information counter in the Bundestheater ticket hall (Operngasse 2) and from the e-shop. You can redeem the voucher for the cast list with the ushers at the foyer before the performance.
Prices for programme booklets: € 3.50 or 4.80.  

When are the programme booklets for new productions published?

Programme booklets are first published on the day of the premiere. You can obtain them from the ushers at a price of € 4.80.

In what languages are the programme booklets available?

Programme booklets in German are available for all our productions, English versions for many of our productions.
Programme booklets in English also include a short summary of the contents in French, Italian, Russian and Japanese.

Is the cast list also available separately?

You can obtain the cast list without the programme booklet at a price of € 0.90 from the ushers in the foyer on the left-hand sight of the grand staircase.  

When is the schedule for the upcoming season published?

The schedule for the upcoming season is published in the spring at a special press conference (the date of which will be announced in good time). The schedule for the upcoming season will then be available on the website of Wiener Staatsoper from 12 noon on the day of the press conference. From this point in time, the season preview booklet will be available at the Wiener Staatsoper ticket offices at a price of € 6. We will also gladly post it to you. To have the season preview booklet posted to you, please contact the information office (information(at)  

Wiener Staatsoper is the only opera house in the world to offer 567 standing room spaces.

Under current conditions and government regulations, the Standing Room of the Vienna State Opera cannot be offered in its usual form. Theatres are only allowed to stage performances for larger audiences, if visitors keep a minimum distance and are assigned numbered seats.

Please find further information here.

How can I find out when a performance is set to start?

Start times are published in the monthly schedule (which is published 2 months prior to the first day of each month) as well as on our website and also in our monthly Prolog magazine.

In what languages are subtitles available?

During the performance, you have access to subtitles in up to eight languages at every seat or standing room space at Wiener Staatsoper. More information you can find here.

How can I support Wiener Staatsoper?

Become a Partner, Patron, Junior Patron, Benefactor or Donator and enjoy a range of benefits, from advance ticket purchases to visits to rehearsals, hand-picked invitations to premieres or events featuring international stars. We will gladly inform you about the many ways you can support Wiener Staatsoper. For more information, please click here.

Are the tickets sellers outside the building working on commission for Wiener Staatsoper?

No, the tickets sellers out on the street are not working on commission for Wiener Staatsoper. Please buy your tickets at the official ticket offices of Wiener Staatsoper and, in your own interest, avoid buying tickets from non-authorised ticket sellers outside the building.