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Wiener Staatsoper Opera School

Carmen, La bohème or Tosca – you name it; the children’s chorus will add pizazz to the performance. Wiener Staatsoper offers talented children aged 8 and up a first taste of life at the opera.

On about 50 evenings throughout the season, the Opera School students step into the limelight on the big opera stage. Be it the street urchins in »Carmen« and La bohème, Charlotte’s siblings in Werther, altar boys and girls in Tosca, Baron Ochs’ alleged children in Der Rosenkavalier, to name but a few. Opera School students also perform outside the opera, enhancing their scope of experience.

How does the opera school work?

In the basic choir (8-10 years), the children receive individual singing lessons in addition to the choir rehearsals, which take place 2x per week. The main tasks of the children's choir in the opera are taken over by the core choir (10-14 years) after the 2nd year of training. The children of the basic choir and the core choir receive weekly scenic lessons in addition to singing lessons. However, the opera school also offers young people who have outgrown the children's costumes a professional podium with the youth choir »OPERAteens«. Selected young people from the OPERAteens are supported in the gifted support program, »SoloS«. 

The next highlights

Ludger Vollmer - Tschick a youth opera with soloists and the youth choir of the opera school: premiere 18.12.2023
17.1.2023 - Concert of the Opera School 

The Children's Choir of the Opera School of the Vienna State Opera organizes regular auditions. Children between the ages of 8 and 10 who enjoy singing are invited to apply. A simple song must be prepared. Entrance examinations are held for the basic choir of the Opera School, for entry as of now.

Next entrance exam for children aged 8-10:

→ The date of the next entrance exam will be published here soon.

Opera School of the Vienna State Opera
Goethegasse 1, 1010 Vienna

Please send the completed application form to

Further information: T+43 1 514 44 2648

Main sponsor of the opera school

The Opera School of the Vienna State Opera cordially invites you to an 

Open Day

Date to be announced soon. 

at the Opera School, Goethegasse 1, 1010 Vienna.

→ to be announced soon. 

LOCATION: Opera School of the Vienna State Opera, Goethegasse 1, 1010 Vienna.

AGE GROUPS: 8 - 10 years, 2nd - 4th grade elementary school.

Registration required!

Mrs. Laura Reinthaller-Thelen
Opera School of the Vienna State Opera
T +43 1 514 44 2694
M opera school(at)

Künstlerischer Leiter/ Chorleitung

Johannes Mertl


Ulrike Bancher
Marlis Birkner

MusikalischeS TEAM

Kerem Sezen
Florian Schwarz
Georg Stangelberger


Karl Wenninger

Sologesang (Begabtenförderung)

Alexander Kaimbacher
Ileana Tonca


Laura Reinthaller -Thelen  


Parviz Yahyavi

Gouvernanten für Proben und Vorstellungen (Oper)

Regina Barowski 
Vanja Kugler Trajković
Lone Rasmussen


Dr. Friederike Michlmayer → Leitung
Karl Wenninger
Mag. Laura Reinthaller-Thelen


Gianpiero Russo

 Die Opernschule wird vom Stadtschulrat Wien unterstützt.