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Make Your Debut At The Vienna Opera Ball

Each year, the defilé of the young ladies and young men’s committee is the highlight of the Vienna Opera Ball and at the same time the opening of a glamourous ball night.

Some 150 couples aged 18 to 25 feverishly await this moment: entering the world’s most beautiful ballroom once in their lifetime in an elegant, snow-white evening gown or tailcoat!

This is how you can apply as a debutant at the Vienna Opera Ball:

To be admitted to the young ladies and young men’s committee, you need to meet a number of requirements:

  • you have very good left-turn waltzing skills
  • you are between 18 and 25 years old
  • you have never opened the Vienna Opera Ball before (you are allowed to open the ball only once)

then we look forward to receiving your application. Please understand that applying couples will be admitted on a preferred basis (individual applications by exception only).

Some weeks after the audition, the applicants, those who participated in the audition, as well as those who come from the other Austrian federal states or from abroad, will be informed by mail if they are allowed to open the Vienna Opera Ball 2022 as part of the young ladies and young men's committee.

Please note that the 2G rule applies to the opening of the Vienna Opera Ball.

Wiener Staatsoper
Opera Ball ticket and debutants office
A Hanuschgasse 3, Ground floor, room 111, 1010 Vienna

Debutant tickets for the Vienna Opera Ball cost € 120,- and can only be paid cash.

All debutants 2022 will receive all information regarding rehearsal dates and the picking up of the debutant tickets with the confirmation email.

The following rehearsals have been scheduled for the preparatory phase:

  • 3 rehearsals in Vienna for couples from Vienna, Niederösterreich and Burgenland
  • 1 rehearsal in Vienna for couples from the rest of Austria (not from Vienna, Niederösterreich and Burgenland)
  • 1 rehearsal for international couples
  • 2 main rehearsals for all couples at the Gustav Mahler Hall of the Wiener Staatsoper
  • Dress rehearsal for all couples on Wednesday, February 13th 2022, in the ballroom of Wiener Staatoper

Ladies: black skirt, white blouse, fleshings, no shoes rubber soles
Gentlemen: black suit, white shirt, tie, no shoes with rubber soles


  • white ball gown (no crinoline, no glittering applications)
  • white elbow-length gloves
  • light-coloured shoes (either white, gold, silver, nude or rosé)
  • no necklaces please, or only very thin/discreet ones (preferably pearls or transparent stones, NO wristwatch
  • hairstyle: a pinned-up ball hairstyle is compulsory.


  • black tailcoat
  • white waistcoat
  • white gloves
  • white bow tie
  • black patent leather shoes
  • black socks
  • NO breast pocket handkerchiefs (if you have one, please put it into your pocket for the opening), NO wristwatches – a pocket watch may be worn, but is not essential.
  • hairstyle: please trim your beard, hair neatly brushed, possibly styled using gel, no open hair (if you have long hair, it must be tightly tied in a ponytail)


  • no visible tattoos or piercings
  • no unusual hair colours, such as blue or pink