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Make Your Debut At The Vienna Opera Ball

To be accepted into the Young Ladies and Young Men's Committee, a few requirements must be met:

  • You have very good left-hand waltz skills
  • You are at least 18 and max. 25 (young ladies) or max. 28 (young men) years old.
  • You have not yet opened the Vienna Opera Ball (opening is only possible once)

We look forward to receiving your application via the application form on our website. The application deadline is 21 September 2023. Please understand that only applications from dance couples can be accepted.

All dance couples from Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland will be invited to an audition on a Saturday in October 2023 at the Vienna State Opera. All applicants, both those who have auditioned and those who come from other provinces or from abroad and therefore could not attend the audition, will be informed by e-mail a few weeks after the audition whether they may open the Vienna Opera Ball 2024 as part of the Young Ladies' and Young Gentlemen's Committee.

We ask for your understanding that we must reserve the right to exclude couples from the opening committee who have not auditioned and who do not meet the necessary dance requirements during the rehearsals, despite having previously agreed to do so.

A committee ticket for the Vienna Opera Ball 2024 costs € 130.

With the confirmation email, the debutants will receive all information regarding rehearsal dates and how to pick up of the committee tickets.

The following rehearsals will take place during the preparation phase:

  • 3 rehearsals in Vienna for couples from Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland
  • 1 rehearsal in Vienna for couples from the other federal provinces (not from Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland) and for international couples
  • Additionally 2 main rehearsals for ALL in the Gustav Mahler Hall of the Vienna State Opera
  • Dress rehearsal for ALL on Wednesday, 7 February 2024 (in the Ballroom of the Vienna State Opera)

In order to be allowed to debut at the Vienna State Opera Opera Ball, attendance at all assigned rehearsals is mandatory.

Lady’s position: black skirt, white blouse, skin-coloured stockings, shoes without rubber soles
Man’s position: black suit, white shirt, dark tie, shoes without rubber soles


  • Pure white, floor-length ball gown (without hoop skirt, without glitter as application, incorporated in the fabric or otherwise, no traditional costume)
  • white gloves up to the elbow or short white gloves for a dress with long sleeves
  • pure white shoes - closed at the front
  • Jewellery only discreet and inconspicuous (chains only very thin, no wristwatch, no badges, medals or pins).
  • Hairstyle in which the tiara can be incorporated without slipping, long hair must be worn pinned up
  • Discreet make-up


  • black tailcoat
  • white waistcoat
  • white bow tie
  • white gloves
  • black patent leather shoes with black laces
  • black socks
  • no badges, medals or pins, no wristwatch (pocket watch permitted)
  • no open, long hair


  • no striking hair colours
  • no hair ornaments (except the tiara for ladies position)
  • no prominent piercings (especially tunnels) and conspicuous tattoos
  • no headgear