Podium sessions, receptions, gala dinners

The Schwind Foyer, named after the painter Moritz von Schwind, is designed in the style of historicism, and dedicated to the art form of opera. Stone busts of composers frame the hall in airy height, below Schwind painted scenes of well-known works - from Der Freischütz to Le nozze di Figaro.

In addition, busts of great conducting directors can be admired: Mahler, Strauss, Karajan, Böhm and others.

The adjoining loggia shows rich ornamentation as well as scenes and figures from Mozart's Magic Flute. Both rooms were extensively restored in the course of the 150th anniversary of the Vienna State Opera in 2019 and shine in new splendor.

Length  22,9 m                         
Width  7,9 m                                 
Height  5 m                           
Space  180 m2

max. 150 PAX

Gala reception
max. 80 PAX

Informal reception
max. 130 PAX