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Programme booklets

Programme booklets (print)
All programme booklets for all performances at Wiener Staatsoper (excluding premieres) are on sale at the Bundestheater ticket office (Operngasse 2), at the information office of Wiener Staatsoper and in the e-shop for € 5.80.

Programme booklets in German are available for all productions, English versions for many of our productions. Programme booklets in English also contain a short summary of the contents in French, Italian, Russian and Japanese. 

Program booklets (digital) 
Our program booklets can also be purchased here for € 2,50 for download. 

Programme booklets for premieres
Programme booklets for premieres are published on the day of a premiere, you can buy them from the ushers at € 5.80.

Evening folder
You will find the cast and summary information on every performance on the evening folder, on sale at € 0.90 from the ushers in the foyer left of the grand staircase. You can also get the evening folder before the beginning of the performance on presentation of the voucher which is issued with every programme booklet, and which you can order together with your online ticket reservation.