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»Welcome Back« a promotion for all U27

Last year, which was a truly exceptional one due to Corona, we started our activities for all U27 with the opening of dress rehearsals and reduced ticket allotments.

This year we will intensify our activities for U27 audiences:

  • Right in September we start with a "Welcome Back" month, where every day (except September 14 and 28) you pay 20€ per ticket for opera evenings, and only 15€ for ballet performances. (You can find instructions on how to buy tickets below).
  • In the following months, there will be further evenings, specially marked U27 in the schedule, for which a contingent of discounted tickets will also be available for you and which you can book two months before the respective performance. 
  • At the box office in the Staatsoper you can purchase remaining tickets for €15 or €20 every day (subject to availability) from 30 minutes before the performance begins.
  • And: You can attend the dress rehearsals of our new productions again for 10€, we will inform you about this separately.


Via the Ticket Gretchen app
1. download Ticket Gretchen App for free
2. upload your ID
3. book ticket
Ticket Gretchen app now for free in the App Store or on Google Play. 
→ The offer is valid for max. 2 tickets for you and your companion under 27.
→ Age will be checked at admission


About our partner Culturall
- Register here with our partner Culturall.
- Be sure to upload your ID when you do so. Your ID file must be an image file - not a pdf - and should be smaller than 5 MB. In case of technical problems please send us an email to
- Book directly online.
- The offer is valid for max. 2 tickets for you and your companion under 27. The discount is only visible in the shopping cart. If the price is not reduced in the shopping cart, the contingent is already fully booked. 
- The age will be checked at the entrance.