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We are opening soon!

Dear Audience,

The Vienna State Opera has now been closed for almost half a year, the longest period since it reopened after World War 2. During this time we have continued to work, rehearse and stage numerous performances for TV, streaming and radio, most recently the premiere of our new production of Parsifal.

Even though we have reached a total of more than 5 million contacts worldwide through these activities, it is still not comparable to a full house, to performances in front of you, dear audience. Nothing can replace the experience in the theatre.

According to today's announcement by the Austrian Federal Government, we can finally reopen the Vienna State Opera from May 19 and offer performances in front of an audience. The joy of the entire staff is immense, we can hardly wait to welcome our audience back to the opera.

We are currently working on the necessary preparations and ask for your understanding that we will not inform you today, but of course as soon as possible about dates, performances and ticket sales.

So I hope to see you again soon and look forward to a shared opera experience.

Bogdan Roščić