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© Wiener Staatsoper GmbH / Ashley Taylor © The George Balanchine Trust
Bart Cook & Kiyoka Hashimoto in Proben zu »Liebeslieder Walzer« (The George Balanchine Trust)

Liebeslieder Walzer

Maria Caligari and Bart Cook talk about their rehearsal work on George Balanchine's »Liebeslieder Walzer«. Balanchine’s »Liebeslieder Walzer« was a fixture of the Vienna State Ballet’s repertoire from 1977 to 1991, and now returns in a restaged version. Four pairs of dancers, singers and pianists meet as if for an exuberant Schubert celebration on a stage that is transformed into a ballroom by Johannes Brahms’ »Liebeslieder-Walzer« op. 52 and his »Neue Liebeslieder« op. 65. Initially in elegant and playful evening dress, then in ballet wear and pointe shoes, Balanchine presents intimate portraits of passion:  »In the first act it is real people who are dancing. In the second act, it is their souls«, the choreographer claimed. Premiere: 14 January 2022 at the Wiener Staatsoper.

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