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Vienna State Opera Choir Academy

Artistic Director Choir Academy
Prof. Mario Steller

Administration Choir Academy
Larissa Weidler

The Vienna State Opera Choir Academy was founded in 2014 to provide young singers with a practice-oriented education after their studies (or even after a first stage of their studies).
The focus is on the artistic work required of a chorister at the Vienna State Opera, as well as the development of individual vocal skills. The training includes the strengthening and further development of the knowledge and skills already acquired at colleges and universities: voice lessons, solo workshops and choir parts, the creation of events, preparation for auditions and competitions, movement lessons, choir parts, interpretation of conducting styles as well as German coaching for foreign participants. In addition, a deeper knowledge of voice physiology is taught, and some understanding of economic and legal issues with which singers are involved. Master classes with singers, singing teachers, conductors, directors and agency auditions complete the extensive curriculum.

Auditions take place several times a year. Interested singers are asked to apply at any time with a résumé and a recent photograph.
Please send your application by email to the artistic director of the Choir Academy of the Vienna State Opera, Prof. Mario Steller, with the subject heading “Application”. 

Please ensure that one or more video link(s) are included with your application.
Applicants who successfully complete the audition and who are accepted for engagement at the Academy are offered a training contract together with compensation of Euro 890.00 per month (in Austria, 14 salaries are paid annually at the monthly rate). Participation in the academy is planned for a period of 1 to 2 years and may be extended for a further year in cases of exceptional performance.

Applications for auditions are accepted on an ongoing basis. Upon receipt of the above-referenced documents, selected applicants will receive an invitation and date for an audition.
(In the case of an invitation for an audition, please note that no travel or accommodation expenses will be reimbursed by the Vienna State Opera)