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Dieter Hörmann

Dieter Hörmann graduated in Musical Entertainment Theatre at the Conservatory of the City of Vienna (today MUK). He has been on stage since the age of twelve, for the first time as »der kleine Tag« in the musical of the same name.  Even before his training as a musical performer, he appeared in numerous musical and operetta productions, including as Gavroche in Les Miserables and as Piccolo in the Weißen Rössl.

During his studies he founded the musical cabaret duo Zwa Voitrottln. With this combination he won Die große Comedy Chance on ORF in 2012 and performed in Austria and Germany for several years with the cabaret programmes Hörglück and Kifferglück.

He appeared on stage with his wife Klara Steinhauser in their joint programme Ehe du dich traust. As a solo cabaret artist he played the domestic cabaret stages with Über den Tellerrand.

He has toured throughout Europe with musical and operetta galas.

In spoken theatre he played Georg in Schwarzer Veltliner and staged Pension Schöller, among others. In operettas he appeared, among others, as Fritz in Die Großherzogin von Gerolstein and as Celestin Formant in Ball im Savoy.

As a musical actor he was seen as Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar and as Pezi and Tintifax in the hit musical Krawutzi Kaputzi.

He was on stage as Schab den Rüssel in the musical Augustin at the Kabarett Simpl.

He is active as an author, composer, lyricist and director in cabaret, theatre and operetta.

Dieter Hörmann writes song lyrics and poems, is a presenter and produces and directs music videos.