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© Wiener Staatsoper / Michael Pöhn

Sympathy and solidarity with the people of Ukraine

The war of aggression against Ukraine started by Russia also affects numerous artists in the environment of our stages. All the more we would like to express our unconditional commitment against violence and for peace in view of the current events. 

As international theaters, we are happy to unite artists from a wide variety of nations on our stages - including Ukraine and Russia - who can move people every evening across political, linguistic or religious differences. The current developments must not lead to the exclusion of individuals only because of their nationality. 

At the same time, however, this war is an attack on fundamental values such as freedom and democracy, a threat to the free development of art and culture across national borders, and a thwarting of the desire for peace and stability. We therefore see no basis for artistic cooperation with institutions or individuals who identify with this war or its operators and their goals. We have also suspended planned collaborations with official institutions of the Russian Federation, such as guest performances. 

We appeal to all people to maintain a critical distance from political demagogues, to act in the spirit of humanity and not to allow themselves to be taken over. 

In recent days, the Federal Theaters have set various highly visible signs of protest and support, including the launch of a cooperation with Volkshilfe to strengthen local aid.  

Art and culture stand for peaceful coexistence and lived diversity. We extend our sympathy and solidarity to the people in Ukraine whose existence is currently threatened. 

Managing directors of:
Burgtheater GmbH, Wiener Staatsoper GmbH, Volksoper Wien GmbH, ART for ART Theaterservice GmbH, Bundestheater-Holding GmbH and the Directorate of the Wiener Staatsballett.