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Farinelli & Friends

on July 11, 2024
→ Galakonzert

Future dates

11. July 2024
1 intermission
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Cast 11.07.2024

Mitwirkende Cecilia Bartoli Varduhi Abrahamyan Julie Fuchs Anne Hallenberg Regula Mühlemann Anne Sofie Von Otter Nuria Rial Max Emanuel Cencic Christophe Dumaux Peter Kálmán Kangmin Justin Kim Maxim Mironov Rolando Villazón Carlo Vistoli


The Baroque festival will end on 11 July with a gala with the perfect cast. Besides Bartoli it includes Varduhi Abrahamyan, Julie Fuchs, Anne Hallenberg, Sara Mingardo, Regula Mühlemann, Anne Sofie von Otter, Nuria Rial, Max Emanuel Cenčić, Christophe Dumaux, Peter Kálmán, Kangmin Justin Kim, Maxim Mironov, Rolando Villazón and Carlo Vistoli on the stage.