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Jean-Luc Ducourt

Jean-Luc Ducourt is a French dancer, choreographer, director, light designer and multimedia artist. Since 1979, he has danced for Le Four Solaire, Régine Chopinot, Susan Buirge, Georges Appaix, Daniel Larrieu and L'Esquisse, among others. In 1987, he became a company member at Rosas and, following the production of »Ottone Ottone« was appointed assistant and co-director to Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Until 1993 he supervised works such as »Stella«, »Achterland«, »Erts«, »Mozart/Concert Arias«. From 1994 he dedicated himself to the theater as a freelance artist and created, among other things, light designs for his own works. His creations »I/O Solo« and »Ballet Labor« with dancers of the Bayerisches Staatsballett marked his return to dance in 2000. In 2003 he created the interdisciplinary performance »Pourquoi quand je te regarde... «. He has also worked as a light designer and set designer with Mia Lawrence, Hooman Sharifi and the Impure Company. He has created works for KunstenFesticalDesArts and ARS MUSICA in Brussels, as well as Kaaitheater.