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Young people write youth chat opera in series format

More online, less alone! 

Inspired by themes from Yewegeni Samyatin's dystopian sci-fi novel Wir, 40 students from the Neue Mittelschulen Josef-Enslein Platz and Herzgasse have spent the past few months developing their own participatory youth opera with artists from the Vienna State Opera and Superar. 

The now created work Utoperas tells within three episodes pictures of a dystopian future of an almost totalitarian online world. This world thrives on lively messaging and a constant (co-)sharing of personal, but also superficial content, and only becomes silent at certain times of the day - during private hours. While the new rules of the self-appointed admin gradually influence the reality of the young people's lives and even dictate how they should behave, the young protagonists Sarah, Gabriel and Vanessa ask themselves: How visible or invisible do I want to be? Why is it good to be in a group? And when is it important to stand up for one's own needs and points of view? 

Premiere Episodes 1+2: Saturday, April 30, 2022 
Premiere Episode 3: Saturday, May 28, 2022
at the Atelierhaus of the Academy of Fine Arts, Prospekthof (Lehárgasse 8, 1060 Vienna) 

Project management & staging: Krysztina Winkel 
Musical direction: Andy Icochea Icochea 
Artistic co-design: Katharina Augendopler 
Costume design: Mahshad Safaei 
Stage: Constanze Bieber
Dramaturgy: Valentin Lewisch
Soprano: Anna Nekhames 
Tenor: Angelo Pollak 
Students of the NMS Josef-Enslein-Platz and NMS Herzgasse. 
Superar youth choir, Superar percussion group
The stage orchestra of the Vienna State Opera

In cooperation with Superar
Shortlisted by FEDORA Education Prize 2021