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Ticket offers for U27


For every Staatsoper production, whether opera or ballet, seats are reserved for young audiences at selected performances specially indicated on the schedule. These seats cost just 20€. They can purchased for performances online. 
Tickets will go on sale two months in advance on the first of each month for the entire month. For example, on September 1st, for the whole of November or on October 1st, for the whole of December.


From half an hour before the start of the performance, U27 audience members can purchase remaining tickets at the box office for 20€.


A newsletter specifically for U27 also provides information about the availability of additional last-minute ticket offers for 20€.

Newsletter subscription


Overview of all U27 dates in the season 2022/23

Via our website 

  • If you are not yet registered, send a photo/scan of your ID, your home address and phone number to
  • You will get a feedback from us as soon as your ID has been checked and you are activated for U27 tickets.
  • You can then book tickets online for all dates marked "U27" on our website: always on the first of the month two months in advance (for example for December 16 from October 1).
    Please log in at our online ticketshop
  • Please take your ID with you on the day of the performance, it will be checked at the entrance. 

Via the Ticket Gretchen app

1. Download the Ticket Gretchen app for free
2. Upload your ID
3. Reserve your ticket

The Ticket Gretchen app is now available for free from the App Store or Google Play

→ The offer is valid for up to two tickets for you and your companion under 27
→ Your age will be checked when you arrive at the theatre


UNIQA makes it possible for young audiences up to 27 to visit
to the Vienna State Opera