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Dress rehearsals for U27

Come as you are! At our dress rehearsals for all U27, you can experience a morning or afternoon of a very special kind of theatre for just 10€! Dress rehearsals generally involve a complete run-through of the new production, without any breaks – but with everything that contributes to the particular features and atmosphere of the production being rehearsed, such as costumes, make-up, sets, lights. Grab your friends and take advantage of the unique opportunity of seeing a Wiener Staatsoper or Wiener Staatsballett production even before the official première, which takes place a few days later.

The dates for the dress rehearsals of the 2021/22 season - ticket sales start about a week before the dress rehearsal and also the exact start time will be announced one week before each:

September 25th    IL BARBIERE DI SEVIGLIA 
December 3rd       DON GIOVANNI
January 13th         BALLET: LIEBESLIEDER
March 18th            WOZZECK
April 11th              TRISTAN UND ISOLDE
April 29th              BALLET: JAHRESZEITEN
June 9th               L'ORFEO

Dates saison 2022/23:

September 26th  VON DER LIEBE TOD
October 22nd      BALLET: DORNRÖSCHEN 
January 30th       SALOME
March 9th            LE NOZZE DI FIGARO
May 19th              DIALOGUES DES CARMÉLITES


Using the Ticket Gretchen app

1. Download the Ticket Gretchen app for free
2. Upload your ID
3. Reserve your ticket

The Ticket Gretchen app is now available for free from the App Store or Google Play

→ The offer is valid for up to two tickets for you and your companion under 27
→ Your age will be checked when you arrive at the theatre


About our partner Culturall

→ Register with our partner Culturall here 
→ Be sure to upload your ID. Your ID file must be an image file – not a PDF – and should be less than 5 MB. If you run into any technical issues, please send an e-mail to
→ Book directly online.
→ The offer is valid for up to two tickets for you and your companion under 27. The discount is visible in the shopping cart.
→ Your age will be checked when you enter the theatre.


UNIQA makes it possible for young people up to 27 to visit the
Vienna State Opera

Overview of all U27 dates in the season 2022/23

Via our website 

  • If you are not registered yet, send a photo/scan of your ID to
  • You will get a feedback from us as soon as your ID has been checked and you are activated for U27 tickets.
  • For all dates marked with »U27« you can book tickets online here. Since May 16 for performances in September and October, for performances from November always on the first of the month two months in advance (for example for December 16 from October 1).
  • Please take your ID with you on the day of the performance, it will be checked at the entrance. 

Via the Ticket Gretchen app

As of when sales for the 2022/23 season will start via Ticket Gretchen is yet to be announced. 

UNIQA makes it possible for young audiences up to 27 to visit
to the Vienna State Opera