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The Young Podcast of the Vienna State Opera

In the podcast »OpernStoff«, teenagers and young adults take their listeners behind the scenes of the Vienna State Opera, talk to artists and staff and give exclusive insights into exciting new productions of the theatre with the largest repertoire in the world.

The special feature: Not only the title, but also the podcast concept and the technical realisation come from the young adults themselves. 

In the individual episodes, the young podcasters discuss and debate with the staff and artists topics that seem important and exciting to them concerning upcoming premieres and new productions as well as theater operations and creative work at the Vienna State Opera.

Each episode has a different focus, e.g. dramaturgy, music or technology. In the following episodes, the audience can expect interviews with the chief dramaturge Sergio Morabito, the solo répétiteur and assistant to the music director Jendrik Springer and Daniel Froschauer, principal violinist of the State Opera Orchestra, among others. 

The episodes are also available on Spotify and Amazon Music.

Project management: Andreas Láng, Oliver Láng and Krysztina Winkel (

Previous speakers and participants of the individual episodes: Sandra Auer, Beate Barcsa, Godwin Biziyaremye, Anna Bosch, Christian Brohm, Erna Eminenz, Mercedes Frühberger, Dávid Gajdos, Jakob Gellermann, Igor Getman, Niklas Graf, Maximilian Hassler, Julia Hekerle, Dominik Hofer, Anna Kraft, Sebastian Kranner, Sophia Loos, Žiga Mekisrece, Paul Nittmann, Natasha Orrell, Martina Pfeifer, Victoria Prägant, Niklas Reitbauer, Emilia Reitner, Johanna Rill, Moritz Roniger, Katharina Rothen, Banan Sakbani, Chiara Sengstbratl, Susanna Schlesier, Anna-Valentina Spachinger, Milena Steinhauer, Sophie Stummer, Maresa Wildner, Sabine Wukovnig, Johanna Würth

Season 3 »What's going on at the opera?«

This time the InsideOpera youth club visited a Tschick rehearsal and talks to Maik actor Constantin Müller and Isa actor Marlene Janschütz about their experience of being part of the first youth opera at the Vienna State Opera: How much do you have to have in common with a character? Can you even "leave the character behind" after a performance? How does it feel to drive and climb at altitude?

Marketing employee Hemma Gritsch on the various facets of marketing at an opera house and the special challenges and opportunities of digital marketing and social media.

In this episode, Katharina, Natasha, and Godwin from the InsideOpera youth club talk with Stephen Hopkins, the Music Director of Studies at the Vienna State Opera, about what his motivations and visions are for this profession, what areas of responsibility converge for him, and why he is always a full-time musician despite management responsibilities.

Season 2 »Wozzeck«

Shortly before the Orfeo premiere, production managers Marie-Theres Holzer and Stephanie Wippel reveal what makes their job so special and whimsical, how to coordinate not only artists but also real snakes, and why you have to be on fire for every production!

This time Sophia and Emilia from InsideOpera visit the head of the music archive, Katharina Hötzenecker. Amidst mountains of sheet music, she reveals what makes her job so special, what treasures lie in the safe and what significance a simple pencil has for her work.

In a new episode of OpernStoff, Thomas Ebenstein talks about his path to music, working as an ensemble member at the Vienna State Opera, and reveals rehearsal secrets from the current Wozzeck production.

On the occasion of the premiere of »Wozzeck« at the Vienna State Opera, Vicky, Jakob and Niklas from InsideOpera have dedicated their first OpernStoff episode of the second podcast series to an introduction to Alban Berg's famous masterpiece: About the genesis and performance history of Wozzeck, the production at the Vienna State Opera and why it is important to talk about femicide!

Season 1 »Parsifal« and »Macbeth«

Genitals, heads, hair and much more: in this episode we reveal new theatre secrets and take you to the make-up workshop. In this interview, the head of the make-up department at the Vienna State Opera, Beate Krainer, reveals what makes her job so special and what special challenge she and her team faced in the current production of Macbeth. One thing is clear: it never gets boring here!

The second season of OpernStoff is all about Giuseppe Verdi's Macbeth.

In the trailer episode for the new series, listeners can expect staff voices, the plot in just one minute and the biggest top hits from Verdi's masterpiece.

How does a production get on stage from a technical point of view? This week we interviewed the Technical Director of the Vienna State Opera, Peter Kozak, and Lighting Inspector Robert Eisenstein. We talked about star moments on the backstage, technical changes at the theatre, hopsalas and working with »the Ronaldos and Messis« of the cultural world. Romeo and Juliet in bed with a helmet? Never!

What does Wagner have to do with Star Wars? Find out this and more in our music episode on Richard Wagner's Parsifal. In conversation: first violinist Daniel Froschauer and Jendrik Springer, assistant to the new music director of the Vienna State Opera, about leitmotifs, the orchestra pit and their favourite parts of the "Parsifal" festival.

Grail, prison, redemption -- In our second episode, we turn our attention to dramaturgy and the new production of Parsifal. In the interview, chief dramaturge Sergio Morabito reports on the multifaceted field of dramaturgy and the collaboration with director Kirill Serebrennikov, including exciting background information on the creation of this new production.

Parsifal in one minute? Challenge accepted! In this episode you will get to know us, the InsideOpera youth project. You can expect rehearsal impressions, a Wagner crash course and exciting information about the new production of Parsifal at the Vienna State Opera.

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