Young Artist Program of the Wiener Staatsoper,
starting with the 2020/21 season

The Wiener Staatsoper has founded a studio for young opera singers when director Bogdan Roščić and musical director Philippe Jordan take office in autumn 2020. This Young Artist Program will be led by baritone Michael Kraus and is aimed at artists who have completed their education as singers and whose talent and ability promise an international career. They will be given the opportunity to deepen the knowledge they gained in their studies and to benefit from the experience of established artists. 

Thirteen young singers were selected from over 1000 applications for Young Artist program:

Aurora Marthens →soprano (Finland)
Anna Nekhames →soprano (Russia)
Johanna Wallroth →soprano (Schweden)
Stephanie Maitland →alto (Great Britain)
Patricia Nolz →mezzo-soprano (Austria)
Isabel Signoret →mezzo-soprano (USA)
Hiroshi Amako → Tenor (Great Britain)
Angelo Pollak →tenor (Austria)
Stefan Astakhov →baritone (Germany)
Michael Rakotoarivony →baritone (Madagascar)
Erik Van Heyningen →baritone (USA)
Ilia Kazakov* →bass (Russia)
Artyom Wasnetsov →bass (Russia)

*= Czerwenka Foundation scholarship

Andri Joel Harison →pianist (Austria)

The Young Artist Program of the Wiener Staatsoper will offer a program of musical and theatrical training limited to two years. Members will be offered advanced training in all areas relevant to the artistic maturing of young singers. In addition, they will have the opportunity to take their first steps in international opera on the stage of the Wiener Staatsoper. Depending on suitability, appearances are planned in small and larger roles during regular productions. After completing the program, participants should have all the skills to enable them to be part of a successful new generation on the international opera scene.

The Young Artist Program of the Wiener Staatsoper supported by the Czerwenka Privatstiftung and the Robert Placzek Holding.

Bogdan Roščić, director Wiener Staatsoper:

»A repertory house like the Wiener Staatsoper cannot operate successfully without an excellent vocal ensemble. As both Philippe and I see it, this ensemble must be supplemented by a studio for young artists who can become a very real part of the theatre and keep renewing the ensemble from within. A program like this not only enables the theatre to establish an early and intensive relationship with the world’s best talents of the next generation, but it also challenges the house to deal with fundamental questions of quality, tradition and the all-round education of singing actors. The Wiener Staatsoper offers participants ideal conditions, not only because of its artistic standing but also because of the wide range of repertoire presented. I am confident that our program will quickly become one of the most important in the world and will bear spectacular fruit very soon.«

Philippe Jordan, musical director Wiener Staatsoper:

»For me, working with young singers always was and is a great responsibility and an inspiring challenge. On the one hand it’s a matter of passing on your own experience and being a musical mentor, on the other hand you benefit from the freshness and youthful curiosity of new perspectives. I’m convinced that we will discover and promote a new generation in the Young Artist Program of the Wiener Staatsoper which will shape opera life in the city and help mold the opera world of the future.«

Michael Kraus, Young Artist Program:

»I am very grateful for the trust Bogdan Roščić and Philippe Jordan have placed in me in letting me work with an international group of coaches and mentors to pass on our combined experience to the next generation of singers. The Young Artist Program of the Wiener Staatsoper will enable the best young singers to launch their professional career at one of the world’s most important opera houses.«


The next application phase for the Opera Studio will take place at the beginning of the 2021/22 season. We will publish the details on the Vienna State Opera website in due time. 

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