Lectures, receptions, gala dinners

This originally preserved, sumptuously furnished room in the heart of the opera house was originally reserved for the Emperor, who used it on special occasions, as the "court salon". To this day, the tea room is used for outstanding events, such as awards ceremonies and special celebrations. The furnishings breathe the opulence of the imperial Ringstrasse era: the side windows of the tea room allow a view of the ceremonial staircase, and the walls of this salon are covered with yellow and gold silk bearing the monogram of the Emperor. The ceiling painting by Carl Madjera ("Allegory of the Arts") symbolizes the interplay of the arts involved in music theatre.

Length  13,4 m                        
Width  5,7 m                           
Height  5 m                        
Space   75 m2

max. 65 PAX

Gala reception
max. 50 PAX

Informal reception
max. 60 PAX