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Petra Bohuslav

Petra Bohuslav was born in Vienna, where she graduated from the Vienna University of Economics and Business and went on to get a doctorate in economics. 
After living in the United States and Denmark, Bohuslav started her professional career in the marketing department of Rail Tours Austria and Rogner International Hotel & Resorts. 
Between 1996 and 2001, she was managing director of the Carnuntum Archaeological Park and built up management and the staff with around 80 employees. She focused on modern strategic cultural management through special visitor programmes, historical events and several shops. In cooperation with »Art Carnun- tum«, the Roman ruins were finally witness to contemporary theatre. The park’s marketing efforts were characterized by the highest quality and authenticity. 
In 2001, she took over as managing director of the Congress Casino Baden, strongly emphasising on the organisation of congresses and cultural events. Consequently, she initiated the »Undine Filmtage« in Baden, an awards ceremony for young actors and actresses. She also pushed the »Literatursalon« initiative with national and international artists. The international culture weeks in Baden were launched with a great many connections, during which artistic visions and culinary delights were brought together from each host country. 
Moreover, Bohuslav held a position as lecturer at the Vienna University of Economics and Business on the subject of cultural management for the tourism course for several years. 
The end of 2004 saw Petra Bohuslav moving into politics, where she was a member of the Lower Austrian provincial government until February 2020. She was at first responsible for the Department of Labour, Social Affairs, Sports and Culture. It was here that her focus was mostly placed on contemporary art and culture, such as with the Danube Festival, the Open Studio Days, cultural networking and numerous music events. 
Afterwards, she was also head of the Youth and Education departments. From February 2009 to 2020, she finally headed the Department of Economics, Technology, Tourism (with a focus on cultural tourism) and Sports. 
During her term of office Petra Bohuslav was able to set many accents and decisively contribute to the successful development of Lower Austria. 

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