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The two large marble mosaics on the wall designed by Heinz Leinfellner present daily scenes of opera life, while the overdoors or »Supraporte« represent still lifes.

The inlays, located on the right side, represent in detail the following. From right to left: a director at a rehearsal with a performing artist, the stage architecture, a choir rehearsal, the scenery storage and a wigmaker. The inlays on the left represent (from right to left): an artist’s dressing room with a performing artist in front of a mirror, a prop room, a dance rehearsal, musical instruments (in the lower part), parts of the loft floor (in the upper part) and a costume rehearsal.

To mark the 150th anniversary of the Vienna State Opera on 25 May 2019, and the partnership with Gerstner that has always existed, a detailed, three-dimensional replica of the Opera House was created. The core of this work of art consisted of a luscious chocolate sculpture covered in marzipan. Here you can see a replica of the original cake.