Swarovski-Tiara for the Vienna Opera Ball 2017

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld has designed the Swarovski Tiara for the debutants of the Vienna Opera Ball 2017: „Le beau Danube bleu“. Karl Lagerfeld designed the piece with a mix of classic and modern influences, meticulously crafted from a mix of 394 Swarovski crystals in clear and sapphire hues, and finished with five Swarovski crystal pearls, the tiara is elegant and timeless, with a distinctive essence that is uniquely Karl Lagerfeld. The design – and particularly the soft curves of the blue stones – is inspired by the famous “Blue Danube” waltz, the traditional Opera Ball opening dance which was composed by Johann Strauss II and will celebrate its 150th anniversary in February 2017.

“This tiara is my vision of the coronation of the Danube,” said Karl Lagerfeld of the bedazzled headpiece. “The sapphire ribbon embodies ‘Le beau Danube bleu’.”

“Karl Lagerfeld designing the debutantes’ tiara is absolutely wonderful,” said Dominique Meyer, director of the Vienna State Opera. “I am happy Maria Großbauer relentlessly pursued this idea and I warmly thank Nadja Swarovski, whose personal commitment made this idea become a reality. It is a further positive international statement positioning the Vienna Opera Ball as a sophisticated and high-class celebration of the arts.”

„Le beau Danube bleu“ (© Karl Lagerfeld)


“It was my dream to have a global fashion icon create the Swarovski tiara for this year’s Vienna Opera Ball – in particular Karl Lagerfeld, who I truly revere,” said Maria Großbauer, organizer of the Vienna Opera Ball 2017. “I am thrilled that this dream came true. His perfect creation is cleverly inspired by ‘The BlueDanube,’ the debutantes’ waltz which marks the end of the artistic opening ceremony and opens the dance floor to all ball guests.”

“It has been a privilege to partner with Swarovski to design such an iconic piece of jewellery,” said Pier Paolo Righi, CEO of KARL LAGERFELD. “This tiara symbolizes many elements at the core of our brand DNA: it fuses tradition and premium craftsmanship with an aesthetic that’s effortlessly elegant. We look forward to seeing the debutantes’ reaction to the tiara at the event in February.”

“We are honored to collaborate with Karl Lagerfeld to create this year’s tiara for the Vienna Opera Ball. His beautiful and sophisticated design, inspired by the tradition of the ‘The Blue Danube’ waltz as the debutantes’ opening dance, is a wonderful celebration of this iconic Austrian event,” said Nadja Swarovski, Member of the Swarovski Executive Board. “Swarovski’s history with the ball goes back to the 1950s, and with so many shared traditions and values it is fantastic to continue our support for this institution. The debutantes will be thrilled to be crowned with a tiara designed by Karl Lagerfeld.”

The renowned Vienna Opera Ball, which is hosted annually by the Vienna State Opera and has a long-standing tradition as the cultural highlight of the Viennese ball season, is set to take place on February 23, 2017. Each year, Swarovski partners with an international designer to create the iconic tiara, which is worn by debutantes at the ball. The Austrian company has been crowning the ball’s debutantes with diadems since the 1950s.