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© Wiener Staatsoper GmbH / Ashley Taylor
Daniel Vizcayo, Natalya Butchko, Helen Clare Kinney, Adele Fiocchi, Sveva Gargiulo
© Wiener Staatsoper GmbH / Ashley Taylor
Helen Clare Kinney & Daniel Vizcayo

Lucinda Childs rehearses »Concerto«

Lucinda Childs’ »Concerto« is a masterpiece. What happens to our perception of a movement when it is constantly repeated, albeit in different situations? Lucinda Childs considers this question, creating dance architectures in pure form.  »Concerto«, which received its world premiere in Lisbon in 1993 performed by the Lucinda Childs Dance Company, marks the first time that a work by this important American choreographer will be seen at the Vienna State Ballet. In its elementary combination of geometric patterns, repeating movement sequences and rhythms, »Concerto« produces a hypnotic effect in congenial partnership with Henryk M. Górecki’s Concerto for Harpsichord and Strings – a score that is like a »prank«, according to the Polish composer. You can see »Concerto« together with Jerome Robbins’ Pas de deux »Other Dances« and George Balanchine’s iconic »Liebeslieder Walzer« from 14 January on at the Wiener Staatsoper as part of our triple bill evening »Liebeslieder«.

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