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© Wiener Staatsballett/Ashley Taylor
Andrey Kaydanovskiy: »lux umbra« (Lourenço Ferreira, Marcos Menha, Rebecca Horner)

Andrey Kaydanovskiy »lux umbra«

Andrey Kaydanovskiy is a dancer with the Vienna State Ballet and for some time a highly sought-after choreographer. Following his first works in Vienna, he has created pieces for the Bolshoi Ballet and the Stanislavski-Nemirovich Danchenko Music Theatre Moscow, the Czech National Ballet, the Bayerisches Staatsballett in Munich and the Ballett am Rhein. For his world premiere »lux umbra« he has initiated an encounter with the composer Christof Dienz. This versatile musician – who is also a co-founder of the Tyrolean neo-folk music/jazz octet Knoedel – maintains a fascinating balance of styles within his work to create a music that is both »intuitive and physical«. In his ballet Kaydanovskiy allows two principles to collide with a powerful movement language characterised by strong images: reality and fantasy, concrete and abstract – an encounter that points in the direction of openness.

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