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Do you want to experience great entertainment with the whole family at the Vienna State Opera or Vienna Volksoper? Do you love classical and modern dance that tells unique stories and enchants you with fascinating atmospheric images or do you want to enjoy the special magic of the premiere atmosphere?

Ballet is multifaceted, just like the cycles of the Vienna State Ballet. As of now, book four performances that are thematically or programmatically combined — and with a discount already included in the price! Within the »Ballet Family Cycle«, adults receive a 25% discount and children even a 75% discount. You can book up to four seats within a cycle. Cycles are only valid for one season and do not renew automatically!

Vienna State Opera & Vienna Volksoper
Ballet Cycle »Premieres« 
Ballet Cycle »Classics«
Ballet Cycle »Dreams«

Ballet Family Cycle

For more information on the cycles of the Vienna State Opera, click here.

You would like to see only ballet productions at the Vienna Volksoper? That is also possible. Or sometimes to the ballet, sometimes to the opera, sometimes to the operetta, sometimes to the musical — but always at the Volksoper? Then be curious about the cycles of the Vienna Volksoper!

With the purchase of a cycle you receive a 10% discount compared to the single purchase with a fixed seat for all performances. In »Familienzyklus 2«, senior citizens receive a 25% discount and children even a 75% discount.

More information on the Volksoper cycles can be found here.