Rules for a Viennese institution

Already with the beginning of this season, attendance at events was only permitted on permanently assigned, numbered seats. This regulation also applies now. Thus, the standing room section of the State Opera could not and cannot be offered in its usual form. Therefore, we have temporarily seated the standing room. Nevertheless, the standing room prices remained unchanged. This has ensured that this institution, which is so important for Viennese opera life, does not completely fall victim to the COVID-19 measures.

Of the 169 new seats created by this measure, a maximum of just over half can be sold due to spacing rules.

The COVID-19 ordinance, effective May 19, will now reduce the maximum number of patrons attending indoor events to no more than 50% of the seating capacity. Standing room will also be affected by this restriction, so we will not be able to offer the full contingent of standing room every day.

Nevertheless, in order to offer you a certain degree of planning security, we will provide an overview of the availability of standing room on the respective evening on a daily basis at 2:00 p.m. on the website in the following gradations:

All standing room available today
Less than 100 standing places available today
Less than 75 standing places available today
Less than 50 standing places available today
Less than 10 standing places available today

Please refer to the detailed COVID-19 security measures for your performance visit.

We look forward to your visit.

Sales of the new Standing Room tickets start 100 minutes before the the performance begins. Standing Room tickets are only available at the Standing Room box-office, at the Operngasse entrance. A maximum of 2 tickets can be purchased per person.


→ If you are not yet a registered customer, you must register with our ticketing-service Culturall BEFORE BUYING THE TICKET. Your assigned customer number must be given when purchasing a Standing Room ticket on the evening of the performance. A valid ID must be presented when buing your ticket. Your name will be printed on the ticket, no other person is permitted to use the ticket.


→ To ensure that only visitors known to us by name are in the auditorium, we must be able to compare the name printed on the ticket with a valid ID. We therefore hope for your understanding when asking you to show us your ID at the entrance. If the name does not match the ID or if you cannot show your ID, we are unfortunately not allowed to let you into the auditorium. This measure serves exclusively to protect all visitors.