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Q: Why can't I register?

A: Maybe you have forgotten your password? Please try to reset it here:

Q: I tried to reset my password, but the promised email never arrived.

A: Maybe the mail ended up in your spam filter. If you are sure that you did not receive any mail from us, please try to create a new account, preferably with your usual login data (email address and password):
After successful registration, please do not forget to open the welcome mail and complete the new setup by clicking on the confirmation link.

Q: I recently registered for streaming and now the registration is not working again. Also the password reset does not work.

A: Did you open the welcome email after successful registration and click on the confirmation link? Only with this confirmation we are allowed to save the registration permanently. Otherwise we are obliged to cancel the registration after 24 hours. 

Q: Are there any costs involved in setting up the user account or using the streams?

A: We provide this service for free. Possible data transfer costs depend on the type of your internet service contract, especially if it is a mobile phone connection.  

Q: Why can't I watch the videos of the Vienna State Opera with my SAMSUNG Smart TV (as I used to), why does the SAMSUNG Smart TV app no longer work?

A: With the switch to free streams since September 2020, we are no longer able to provide the technical and financial effort required to support manufacturer-specific streaming platforms.

Q: How can I watch the streams on my TV?

A: Either you connect a PC/laptop to the TV using an HDMI cable, or you purchase a streaming accessory that connects to a free HDMI socket on the TV. If you are familiar with Apple's world of devices, Apple TV would be the best choice. Amazon Fire TV is recommended for owners of Android mobile devices or PCs.

Q: I have had a streaming subscription for a long time. Where can I find the media library?

A: The paid services of the previous season, and therefore the subscriptions, will not be continued in the new season. This also affects the media library - it has also been discontinued. All paid subscriptions were automatically terminated as of September 2020.

Q: On what platforms can I watch the streams, what will it cost?

A: The new livestream offer of the Vienna State Opera is free and can be reached with Windows PCs and Apple computers via web browser. For the mobile devices of Apple and Android, a special app of the Vienna State Opera is available. We also offer support to owners of smart TV hardware (Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV).

Q: Is there an archive/media library of previous productions?

A: As a rule, our live offer is available for subsequent retrieval within 72 hours after the broadcast. During the official closure of the theatre, we offer an opera or ballet production as a stream every day from 7 pm - this stream can be accessed for a maximum of 24 hours.

Q: What kind of internet connection is required to view the streams in good quality?

A: Unfortunately most internet providers advertise with "up to" speed promises. If you can reliably reach 8-9 Mbps, then you can receive our streams in the highest possible quality. But also with 4-5 Mbit/s very good results are guaranteed. Internet access with speeds below 2Mbit/s is not recommended. In order to determine the speed actually available at your location, we recommend the network test of the regulatory authority RTR, which you can perform here: