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on December 19, 2022
This is the page for the performance on December 19, 2022.
Music Ludger Vollmer Text Tiina Hartmann
→ Road Opera für Jugendliche ab 13 Jahren

Cast 19.12.2022

Conductor Johannes Mertl
Production Krysztina Winkel
Costume Mahshad Safaei
Stage Design Xandi Vogler Ella Steinbach
Maik Jakob Krammer
Tschick Lukas Lemcke
Isa Theresa Praxmarer
Mutter Noa Beinart
Vater Hans Peter Kammerer
Mutter Friedemann/ Krankenschwester Rachel Ille
Maryam Tahon Ludmila Pelahiy
Friedemann Oskar Fehringer
Elisabeth Chiara Bammer
Florentine Amelie Bodingbauer
Jonas Noah Schuster
Horst Fricke Agustín Gomez
Richter Burgmüller Attila Mokus
Mona Olga Sarakanidi


Just go! Feel the airstream and become friends:
Maik, an 8th grade outsider, is madly in love with Tatjana, but to his disappointment is not invited to her party. Tschick, whose real name is Andrej Tschichatschow, moved here from Russia four years ago with his family, is equally unpopular in the class due to his conspicuous alcohol consumption, among other things. During the summer holidays, Tschick persuades Maik to drive a stolen Lada to Wallachia to visit his supposed grandfather. Maik, left alone by his parents during the summer holidays, agrees: without compass, map or mobile phone, they both just drive off.

On their journey, Tschick and Maik meet bizarre, quirky and sometimes loving characters. One of them is Isa, a young girl who lives on the rubbish dump and accompanies the two boys on their adventure.

The youth opera Tschick tells of growing up, friendship and first love beyond stereotypes. Maik, Tschick and Isa take the audience on a journey into adventure, into the distance and ultimately to themselves. The focus is on the small unexpected peculiarities of being outdoors and together.


The little wasteland. Maik's father, a real estate agent, gets caught between the fronts of investors and conservationists. Maik's mother once again has to go to the "beauty farm", i.e. an alcohol rehab clinic.
Tschick. Andrej Tschichatschow called Tschick annoys Maik because of his "exaggeratedly horny jacket". Maik's class teacher introduces the new classmate.
Tatyana's party. Maik and Tschick realize that they have not been invited to Tatjana's upcoming birthday party.
Business meeting. Maik's father leaves Maik at the family bungalow to go to a "business meeting" with his assistant.
Count Coke of the Weed House. Maik feels "not alone"; nevertheless, he gets in when Tschick drives up to him in a stolen Lada.
Maik and Tschick (1). Today is Tatjana's party. Maik, who is in love with Tatjana, has made a drawing for her. Tschick decides that he has to present it to her as well.
The party at the lake. Tschick drops Maik off in front of Tatjana's parents' house and pulls him back into the car after handing over the gift.
Playstation Wallachia. Tschick suggests a visit to relatives in Wallachia.
Orientation. In order to stay on course south, the two orient themselves by the sun.
Squares and pensioners. On the way, they meet the family of a classmate and claim to be on a bicycle tour. A group of traveling pensioners makes Maik think about growing old.
Alternative. The Friedemann family invites them to dinner. Dessert is only served to the first person who can answer a quiz question.
Martian insect cinema. Maik and Tschick look up at the starry night sky.
Gas (1). They are out of gas. They need a hose.
Garbage dump. Isa, who lives at the dump, joins the unsuccessful search of the two "morons".
Gas (2). Isa shows how fuel theft works.
The mountain. Isa gets into the Lada. She has to visit her half-sister in Zagreb.
The blue lagoon. The three of them swim in the lake. Afterwards Isa lets Maik cut her hair. A great closeness develops between the two.
On the high mountain. On the viewing platform, the three swear to meet here again in 50 years. Then Isa changes to the bus: "I'll never make it with you guys.
Horst Fricke. A cranky pensioner is interested in the love life of the two boys.
A car chase. On the run from the police, Maik and Tschick crash their Lada down an embankment.
Hospital. Tschick's leg is put in a cast. Maik doesn't want the journey to end.
Lada Morgana. They discover their car in front of the hospital.