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Music Ludger Vollmer Text Tiina Hartmann
→ Road Opera für Jugendliche ab 13 Jahren

14. May 2023
No intermission
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18. May 2023
No intermission
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10. June 2023
No intermission
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16. June 2023
No intermission

Cast 14.05.2023

Musical Direction Johannes Mertl
Regisseurin Krysztina Winkel
Costume Mahshad Safaei
Stage Design Xandi Vogler Ella Steinbach


Just go! Feel the airstream and become friends:
Maik, an 8th grade outsider, is madly in love with Tatjana, but to his disappointment is not invited to her party. Tschick, whose real name is Andrej Tschichatschow, moved here from Russia four years ago with his family, is equally unpopular in the class due to his conspicuous alcohol consumption, among other things. During the summer holidays, Tschick persuades Maik to drive a stolen Lada to Wallachia to visit his supposed grandfather. Maik, left alone by his parents during the summer holidays, agrees: without compass, map or mobile phone, they both just drive off.

On their journey, Tschick and Maik meet bizarre, quirky and sometimes loving characters. One of them is Isa, a young girl who lives on the rubbish dump and accompanies the two boys on their adventure.

The youth opera Tschick tells of growing up, friendship and first love beyond stereotypes. Maik, Tschick and Isa take the audience on a journey into adventure, into the distance and ultimately to themselves. The focus is on the small unexpected peculiarities of being outdoors and together.