La cenerentola

Music Gioachino Rossini Text Jacopo Ferretti
→ Dramma giocoso in zwei Akten

10. January 2022
1 intermission
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13. January 2022
1 intermission
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17. January 2022
1 intermission
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Cast 10.01.2022

Musical Direction Gianluca Capuano
Production Sven-Eric Bechtolf
Stage Design Rolf Glittenberg
Costume Design Marianne Glittenberg
Lighting Design Jürgen Hoffmann
Don Ramiro Lawrence Brownlee
Dandini Vito Priante
Don Magnifico Paolo Bordogna
Angelina Anna Goryachova
Alidoro Erwin Schrott


The list of »Cinderella« versions is a long one – 
that is no wonder, with generations of viewers moved by the story of the unhappy stepdaughter, who is finally allowed her happy end. Why? Maybe less because of her being »rescued« by the wealthy prince but more so because of the final confirmation that kindness and a pure heart can conquer all evil. Gioachino Rossini secularised the bewitching supernatural moments of the material and interspersed the French melodrama, which served as his model, with socio-critical elements as traditionally found in the opera buffa. His »Cenerentola« thus became a modern retelling of a beloved tale whose heroes have to prove themselves in the shallows, injustices and absurdities of a disillusioned present. Musically, he created a so-called semiseria genre, i.e. a semi-serious opera in which his brilliant buffo art is interspersed with sentimental and occasionally even tragic tones. In the current performance series staged by Sven-Eric Bechtolf, which shifts the plot to the fictional and eccentric small kingdom of San Sogno, Marianne Crebassa sings the title role for the first time.