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Don Pasquale

Music Gaetano Donizetti Text Giovanni Ruffini & Gaetano Donizetti
→ Dramma buffo in drei Akten

20. May 2023
1 intermission
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23. May 2023
1 intermission
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26. May 2023
1 intermission
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Cast 20.05.2023

Musical Direction Francesco Lanzillotta
Production Irina Brook
Stage Design Noëlle Ginefri-Corbel
Costume Design Sylvie Martin-Hyszka
Lighting Design Arnaud Jung
Choreography Martin Buczko
Don Pasquale Michele Pertusi
Ernesto Josh Lovell
Malatesta Michael Arivony
Norina Brenda Rae


It is one of the world's most famous comedies: On the one side we see an ageing bachelor intent on preserving his assets and who wants to assume the role of a lover once more. On the other we see a young leading lady who cleverly toys with him. In »Don Pasquale«, Donizetti has skilfully constructed the plot and its rounded characters: While the opera is a burlesque, it is also a timeless masterpiece of a conflict between patriarchal desires and youthful self-determination. Director Irina Brook gives the comedy a contemporary touch, swiftly leading it into an exaggeratedly candy-coloured finale, in which laughter is welcome, albeit not only directed at the characters. 


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