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Music Richard Strauss Text Hedwig Lachmann
→ Oper in einem Akt

12. February 2023
20.00 - 21.45
No intermission
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21. April 2023
No intermission
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24. April 2023
No intermission
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26. April 2023
No intermission
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29. April 2023
No intermission
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Cast 12.02.2023

Musical Direction Philippe Jordan
Production Cyril Teste
Stage Design Valérie Grall
Costume Design Marie La Rocca
Lighting Design Julien Boizard
Video Mehdi Toutain-Lopez
Video - Live Kamera Rémy Nguyen
Choreography Magdalena Chowaniec


On the occasion of Richard Strauss' Salome, Siegfried Wagner, the son of the composer Richard Wagner, made the following statement: »Since when has art been identical with dirt? [...] the demimonde should keep to itself, and one dare not bring dishes to a decent table that are teeming with bacteria, poison of the worst kind.« He was not alone: Gustav Mahler, who recognised the genius of the score, failed in his attempt to stage the work at the Vienna Court Opera, which he directed, following the Dresden premiere in 1905: »The depiction of events that belong to the field of sexual pathology is not suitable for our court stage,« was the censor's final finding. The sensational Austrian premiere took place under the composer's musical direction in 1906 at the Graz Opera House, the Viennese premiere took place in 1907 as part of a guest performance from Breslau at what is now the Volkstheater, and the Court Opera did not follow suit until 1918.