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Music Leos Janáček

19. October 2022
19.00 - 22.00
2 intermissions
Buy tickets Werkeinführung 30 Minuten vor der Vorstellung im Gustav Mahler-Saal
23. October 2022
19.00 - 22.00
2 intermissions
Buy tickets Werkeinführung 30 Minuten vor der Vorstellung im Gustav Mahler-Saal

Cast 19.10.2022

Musical Direction Tomáš Hanus
Production David Pountney
Set design Robert Israel
Costume Design Marie-Jeanne Lecca
Lichtgestaltung Mimi Jordan Sherin
Choreography Renato Zanella
Laca Klemen David Butt Philip
Stewa Buryjia Michael Laurenz
Die Küsterin Buryja Eliška Weissová
Jenůfa Asmik Grigorian
Die alte Buryja Margarita Nekrasova
Altgesell Marcus Pelz
Dorfrichter Dan Paul Dumitrescu
Frau des Dorfrichters Stephanie Houtzeel
Karolka Anna Bondarenko
Schäferin Daria Sushkova
Barena Jenni Hietala
Jana Maria Nazarova


The old Burya lives in her mill together with her grandson Števa and his cousin Jenůfa. Jenůfa  is expecting Števa’s child, but has so far managed to keep it a secret. Števa’s stepbrother, the farmhand Laca, also loves Jenůfa. In a fit of jealous rage, Laca slashes Jenůfa’s face, ruining the beauty that enabled her to win Števa. Jenůfa has given birth to her child in secret at the house of her stepmother Kostelnicka. Števa ignores Kostelnicka’s pleas to acknowledge the child as his son. Laca is now her only hope: he has long since asked forgiveness for his misdeed, and would be prepared in take Jenůfa. However, he is appalled in learn that she has had a child by Števa. Kostelnicka tells him that the child is dead, and sends him away to prepare everything from the wedding. Whilst Jenůfa is asleep, Kostelnicka takes the baby and drowns him in the icy stream. She then convinces her stepdaughter that the child has died whilst Jenůfa was ill with a fever. The body of a baby is discovered on the day of Jenůfa and Laca’s wedding, to which Števa and his fiancée Karolka are also invited. Plagued by qualms of conscience, Kostelnicka confesses her crime. Jenůfa gives Laca his freedom, but he stands by her, confessing his love for her.