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Choreography George Balanchine

Cast 09.10.2020

Conductor Paul Connelly
Komponist Gabriel Fauré Igor Strawinski Peter I. Tschaikowski
Choreography George Balanchine
Stage Design Peter Harvey
Costume Design Barbara Karinska
Lighting Design Mark Stanley
Stage Design Adaption John C. Sullivan
Lighting Adaptation Christian Kass
Staging Judith Fugate Nanette Glushak Ben Huys
Emeralds 1. Pas de deux Nina Poláková Robert Gabdullin
Emeralds 2. Pas de deux Claudine Schoch Roman Lazik
Emeralds Pas de trois Sonia Dvořák Francesco Costa Alice Firenze
Piano (Rubies) Igor Zapravdin
Rubies Pas de deux Kiyoka Hashimoto Denys Cherevychko
Rubies Solodame Gala Jovanovic
Diamonds Pas de deux Olga Esina Masayu Kimoto


»Dance is music made visible« – this statement by George Balanchine, one of the most important choreographers of the 20th century, is particularly true of his ballet »Jewels«. Inspired by jewellery from Maison Van Cleef & Arpels, Balanchine created a three-part work which reflects influences of three major ballet schools – France (Fauré, »Emeralds«), the United States (Stravinsky, »Rubies«) and Russia (Tchaikovsky, »Diamonds«) – and is also an homage to the three important centres of classical ballet that played a central part in Balanchine’s life story. With costumes designed by the legendary Karinska, Balanchine’s dancers sparkle like jewels: the emeralds have an ethereal softness, the rubies are cool, vital and sexy, and the diamonds have an imperial brilliance.