Cinderella - Wiener Fassung für Kinder

Agrana Studiobühne | Walfischgasse

Cast 19.10.2019

Conductor Witolf Werner
Director Birgit Kajtna
Set design Christina Feik
Costume Design Janina Müller-Höreth


The name of violinist, pianist and composer Alma Deutscher, now fourteen years old, became a familiar feature of the music world within just a few years. It is not for no reason that Zubin Mehta called her “one of the greatest musical talents of the day”, it is not for no reason that Daniel Barenboim, Anne-Sophie Mutter and Jörg Widmann have expressed their sincere admiration for Alma Deutscher’s musical abilities. The success of her first full-length fairytale opera Cinderella marks another important step in her exceptional life.