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First performed on 13 April 1967 in New York, Jewels represents the first full-length “abstract ballet” by George Balanchine. The three parts of the ballet, „Emeralds“ (to music by Gabriel Fauré), „Rubies“ (to music by Igor Stravinsky) and „Diamonds“ (to music by Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky) are loosely connected by the idea of gems or jewels; a meeting with the jeweller Claude Arpels was a significant stimulus to Balanchine to create the work. Through the choice of the different composers, the ballet also forms a kind of geographical retrospective of the life of George Balanchine, who spent periods of time in France, the United States and Russia. Manuel Legris’ time as director is also closely connected with the work: after „Rubies“ (2010/2011) and „Diamonds“ (Pas de deux, 2017/2018), the complete work now appears on the programme as his period of office in Vienna draws to a close.

27 January 2020
19:30 - 21:45
2 intermissions
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Cast | 27.01.2020

Conductor Paul Connelly
Choreography George Balanchine
Music Gabriel Fauré
Igor Strawinski
Peter I. Tschaikowski
Costumes Barbara Karinska
Set design Peter Harvey
Lighting Mark Stanley
Einrichtung Bühne John C. Sullivan
Einrichtung Licht Christian Kass
Emeralds 1. Pas de deux Natascha Mair
Masayu Kimoto
Emeralds 2. Pas de deux Maria Yakovleva
Eno Peci
Emeralds Pas de trois Anita Manolova
Fiona McGee
Dumitru Taran
Rubies Pas de deux Kiyoka Hashimoto
Denys Cherevychko
Rubies Solodame Gala Jovanovic
Diamonds Pas de deux Liudmila Konovalova
Navrin Turnbull

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29 January 2020
19:30 - 21:45
2 intermissions
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