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In 1978, when Jiří Kylián (who at that time was artistic director of the Nederlands Dans Theater) presented his "Psalmensymphonie", this also provided the impetus for the entire further development of the ensemble, and the ballet has to this day retained the reputation of an early masterpiece which celebrates all facets of the dance and yet goes its own individual way. Also intended as an "ode to the ballet" was William Forsythe’s 1984 "Artifact", the key moments of which were condensed by Forsythe 20 years later to form the suite of the same name. With "Trois Gnossiennes" (1982) and "Solo" (1997) by Hans van Manen, we include two further works in the season programme which demonstrate the stylistic developments and changes of these choreographers.

28 September 2019
19:30 - 21:45
2 intermissions
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Cast | 28.09.2019

Artifact Suite

Choreographie, Bühne, Kostüme und Licht William Forsythe
Music Johann Sebastian Bach
Eva Crossman-Hecht
Solopaar 1 Madison Young
James Stephens
Solopaar 2 Natascha Mair
Davide Dato
Other Woman Iulia Tcaciuc

Trois Gnossiennes

Choreographie und Bühne Hans van Manen
Music Erik Satie
Costumes Oliver Haller
Lighting Jan Hofstra
Dame Liudmila Konovalova
Herr Robert Gabdullin


Choreography Hans van Manen
Music Johann Sebastian Bach
Kostüme und Bühne Keso Dekker
Lighting Joop Caboort
Herr 1 Arne Vandervelde
Herr 2 Scott McKenzie
Herr 3 Dumitru Taran


Choreographie und Licht (Konzept) Jiří Kylián
Music Igor Strawinski
Set design William Katz
Costumes Joop Stokvis
Realisierung des Lichtdesigns Joop Caboort
Adaptierung des Lichtdesigns (2004) Kees Tjebbes
1. Paar Ketevan Papava
Roman Lazik
2. Paar Nikisha Fogo
Denys Cherevychko
3. Paar Kiyoka Hashimoto
Davide Dato
4. Paar Nina Poláková
James Stephens
5. Paar Alice Firenze
Navrin Turnbull
6. Paar Rikako Shibamoto
Leonardo Basílio
7. Paar Anita Manolova
Marian Furnica
8. Paar Gala Jovanovic
Tristan Ridel

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30 September 2019
19:30 - 21:45
2 intermissions
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