Die arabische Prinzessin oder Das wieder­geschenkte Leben

Music Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga → Produktion der Opernschule der Wiener Staatsoper gemeinsam mit Superar

Agrana Studiobühne | Walfischgasse

Cast 20.10.2018

Conductor Johannes Mertl
Director Niv Hoffman
Set design Christina Feik
Costume Design Vera Richter


Tante Safah always tells Ali the best stories. One hot summer day she tells him the story of Jamil, the poor fisherman's son, and his love to Amirah, the beautiful princess. As the story unfolds, more and more of the street children gather around to listen, and the line between truth and fairytale slowly becomes less and less clear, until the listeners find themselves fighting for the love and life of Jamil and Amirah.

All this is based on the music of Juab Crisostomo Arriaga, a 19th century composer known as "the Spanish Mozart", and performed by the Opernschule of the Vienna States Opera in collaboration with ((Superar)) the Austrian Version of "El Sistema" from Venezuela.