Giuseppe Verdi

Simon Boccanegra

Text Francesco Maria Piave & Arrigo Boito nach Antonio García Gutiérrez
Melodramma in einem Prolog & drei Akten


Verdi's masterpiece Simon Boccanegra - often undervalued - tells the story of a man whose fate is determined by love and politics. Starting off as a buccaneer he ascends to the Doge of Geneva, shaken by fate, intrigues and class struggles. His wife dies, he looses his child - to retrieve it only shortly before his death in peace. With this opera, Verdi presents on of his most mature, touching and yet uncommon oeuvres: To be enjoyed at Wiener Staatsoper in Peter Stein's gracefully built staging.

09 September 2020
19:00 - 22:00
1 intermission
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Cast | 09.09.2020

Musical Direction Evelino Pidò
Production Peter Stein
Stage Design Stefan Mayer
Costume Design Moidele Bickel
Simon Boccanegra Plácido Domingo
Fiesco Günther Groissböck
Gabriele Adorno Najmiddin Mavlyanov
Amelia Hibla Gerzmava


The corsair Simon Boccanegra has been elected Doge of Genoa thanks to the assistance of Paolo Albiani. He hopes that in this position the patrician Jacopo Fiesco will no longer be able to refuse him the hand of his daughter Maria, Simon’s sweetheart and the mother of his daughter. When Maria dies, Jacopo swears to take revenge on Simon unless the latter hands over his granddaughter to him. However, after being put in the care of a nurse, the young girl has disappeared.

The fate of Simon’s daughter is explained 25 years later. We learn that she has grown up in the Grimaldi household as the foundling Amelia, and has now fallen in love with the patrician Gabriele Adorno. Simon seeks her hand in marriage for Paolo, who in the meantime has become the Doge’s chancellor. However, when father and daughter recognize one another, Simon abandons this plan. Paolo is enraged, and arranges for Amelia to be abducted, a plot which is foiled by Gabriele. Whilst the senate is in session, he rushes into the council chamber intending to accuse Simon of instigating the abduction. However, Amelia throws herself between them. Simon suspects that Paolo was behind the abduction, and orders him to curse the wrongdoer. Paolo takes revenge by putting poison in Simon’s goblet. Gabriele is also determined to take the Doge’s life, since Paolo has led him to believe that the latter is Amelia’s lover. Once again, Amelia intervenes, and reveals to Gabriele that she is in fact Simon’s daughter. When the patricians approach determined to overthrow the Doge, Gabriele sides with Simon. The uprising is put down, and Paolo condemned to death. However, his poison is already starting to take effect. As he dies, Simon is reconciled with Jacopo when the latter learns that Amelia is his granddaughter.

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