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Die Zauberflöte für Kinder

Music Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

17. February 2023
No intermission
17. February 2023
No intermission

Cast 21.02.2020

Conductor Michael Güttler
Sarastro Dan Paul Dumitrescu
Tamino Pavel Kolgatin
Königin der Nacht Helene Schneiderman
Pamina Olga Bezsmertna
Papageno Hans Peter Kammerer
Papagena Daniela Fally
Monostatos Benedikt Kobel
1. Dame Lydia Rathkolb
2. Dame Ulrike Helzel
3. Dame Zoryana Kushpler
Drei Knaben Kinder der Opernschule der Wiener Staatsoper
Orchester Wiener Philharmoniker


Registration and ticket allocation for school classes: Austrian Directorate of Education

Opera for school 

»The Magic Flute for Children«: Two performances that historically take place the day after the Vienna Opera Ball and have since introduced generations of young audiences to the world of music theatre. Seven thousand adolescents from all over Austria will experience an abridged, approximately one-hour performance of Mozart's opera in the festive ballroom. The performance will be guided by none other than Papageno. The unique atmosphere of this exclusive afternoon can only be described as one of curiosity and fascination, perhaps unlike any other performance of the State Opera, allowing children to easily follow the story of Tamino and Pamina. These enchanted animals have been admired a thousand times over while Mozart’s music fills the room, matching the sound of children's laughter and spontaneous applause. It is a sight to behold how this »magical theatre« unfolds its mystical power and captivates a young audience. Members of the Vienna State Opera ensemble sing and play, accompanied by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, who showcase their instruments in this wonderful children's opera. These performances are reserved for school classes, and tickets are issued by the Austrian Directorates of Education themselves and cannot be purchased elsewhere.