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La Bohème

Music Giacomo Puccini → Oper in vier Bildern

06. January 2022
19.30 - 22.00
1 intermission
09. January 2022
19.00 - 21.30
1 intermission
12. January 2022
19.30 - 22.00
1 intermission
16. January 2022
19.00 - 21.30
1 intermission

Cast 22.12.2019

Conductor Marco Armiliato
Director Franco Zeffirelli
Costume Design Marcel Escoffier
Rodolfo Stefan Pop
Mimì Irina Lungu
Marcello Marco Caria
Musetta Mariam Battistelli
Schaunard Samuel Hasselhorn
Colline Ryan Speedo Green
Benoit Marcus Pelz
Alcindoro Marcus Pelz


Click here to download the online programme booklet (2,50€, manly in German)


The literary model for »La Bohème«, which premiered in Turin in 1896 under Arturo Toscanini, is the highly successful episodic novel by French author Henri Murger. In it, composer Giacomo Puccini rediscovered the atmosphere of his own blissfully nostalgic years as a student: »Here I found everything I was looking for and loved: origin, youth, passion, humour, tears shed in secret, and love that brings joy and sorrow.« Together with his librettists, he condensed the loose sequence of pictures of the original plot to a two-hour play and created tangible character portraits of his young Parisian urban heroes, whom he then had act in social settings that were precisely outlined by music, thus lending sound to all the facets of the material. The story of the terminally ill Mimì, who is allowed to experience the happiness a great love brings in the midst of poverty and illness, soon became a staple on international repertoires. The same is true for Vienna: the opera has been performed roughly a thousand times at the State Opera and is thus one of the most successful works ever. With Armenian soprano Ruzan Mantashyan and Brazilian tenor Atalla Ayan, a new generation of singers has now entered the stage – and is a fresh take on Franco Zeffirelli's classic, image-packed production.