Olga Neuwirth


Auftragswerk der Wiener Staatsoper

Libretto Catherine Filloux und Olga Neuwirth

20 December 2019
19:00 - 21:30
No intermission
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Cast | 20.12.2019

Conductor Matthias Pintscher
Libretto Catherine Filloux
Olga Neuwirth
Director Polly Graham
Set design Roy Spahn
Video Will Duke
Costumes Comme des garçons
Lighting Ulrich Schneider
Movement director Jenny Ogilvie
Live Electronics Markus Noisternig
Gilbert Nouno
Assistant Director Andrew Bewley
Dramaturg Helga Utz
Orlando Kate Lindsey
Narrator Anna Clementi
(Guardian) Angel Eric Jurenas
Queen/Purity/Friend of Orlando's child Constance Hauman
Sasha/Chastity Agneta Eichenholz
Shelmerdine/Greene Leigh Melrose
Orlando's child Justin Vivian Bond
Schlagzeug-Solist Lucas Niggli


Olga Neuwirth’s music theatre opens a door into the realm of what has been simultaneously experienced, read and heard, of what is known and felt – in other words, into the realm of fiction shaped by memories. “Ever since I was a child I have been interested in everything from the arts to politics, from the sciences to human psychology (…) I have let myself be inspired by the small and big things that the world has to offer, by the wonderful diversity of life, and I see this reflected in Orlando. For it is a love of oddities, of the paradoxical, the grotesque, virtuosity, exaltation and exaggeration that are the essence of this fictional biography, which aims to create a new morphology of narration. At all times it is also about (…) a sophisticated and highly subtle form of sexual attraction that rejects being pigeonholed in any one gender. As well as about refusing to be patronised and treated in a condescending manner – something that continually happens to women, with no end in sight.”

The libretto for Orlando is based on the novel by Virginia Woolf (1928).


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