Music Richard Strauss → Oper in einem Akt

07. March 2022
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11. March 2022
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14. March 2022
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16. March 2022
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Cast 04.10.2019

Conductor Dennis Russell Davies
Director Boleslaw Barlog
Set and costume design Jürgen Rose
Herodes Jörg Schneider
Herodias Linda Watson
Salome Ausrine Stundyte
Jochanaan Alan Held
Narraboth Lukhanyo Moyake
Page Margaret Plummer
1. Jude Michael Laurenz
2. Jude Peter Jelosits
3. Jude Carlos Osuna
4. Jude Benedikt Kobel
5. Jude Sorin Coliban
1. Nazarener Alexandru Moisiuc
2. Nazarener Hans Peter Kammerer
1. Soldat Marcus Pelz
2. Soldat Dan Paul Dumitrescu
Ein Cappadocier Hiro Ijichi
Ein Sklave Alejandro Pizarro-Enriquez


When »Salome« finally had its world premiere in Dresden in 1905 – after the director of the Vienna Court Opera, Gustav Mahler, tried to push for its own opening at all costs – it caused quite the scandal: »Salome« was met with censorship and banned at the Vienna State Opera for many years. In this electrifying and fascinating work, Strauss lets a young princess’ sexual awakening collide with the ascetic religious truth of a prophet. The one-act opera lasting a mere 100 minutes is a seething delirium in which the composer courageously breaks with everything previously known: from moral concepts to sound. To this day, the music continues to captivate the listener with its rich imagery, ecstatic emotionality and sharp, sometimes garish character depictions. The current staging juxtaposes Old Testament history with the Art Nouveau ornamentation of its time of origin, thereby highlighting the decadent and intoxicating score.