Music Antonín Dvořák

Cast 15.11.2018

Conductor Eivind Gullberg Jensen
Director Sven-Eric Bechtolf
Set design Rolf Glittenberg
Costume Design Marianne Glittenberg
Lighting Design Jürgen Hoffmann
Choreography Lukas Gaudernak
Der Prinz Brandon Jovanovich
Die fremde Fürstin Nadia Krasteva
Der Wassermann Jongmin Park
Rusalka Camilla Nylund
Jezibaba Monika Bohinec
Heger Gabriel Bermúdez
Küchenjunge Stephanie Houtzeel
1. Elfe Maria Nazarova
2. Elfe Szilvia Vörös
3. Elfe Margaret Plummer
Jäger Wolfram Igor Derntl


The story of a mermaid who falls in love with a human, abandons her life in the sea and fails in the world has been taken up by many a European fairytale and legend. One need only think of Hans Christian Andersen's tale »The Little Mermaid«, which continues to be popular to this day. Though Antonín Dvořák looked to Andersen with »Rusalka«, he also brought in numerous other themes to the opera, which premiered in 1901. Those pressing questions of the turn of the century found expression in the Freudian element beneath the lyrical fairytale – that of cultural disquiet. Civilization and nature, fears and longings, power relations and gender definitions collide in a psychologically exaggerated way. Rusalka's loss of speech clearly reflects the fears of identification, exclusion and existence. Director Sven-Eric Bechtolf displays these emotional and mental states in a surreal, inhospitable and oppressive world: set among a snowy desert landscape and barren underbrush, it tells the haunting story of the renegade mermaid who falls in love with a prince who does not live up to her standards. Piotr Beczała and Kristīne Opolais bring a presence to the stage as they are always able to discover a deep, touching dimension in all the characters they portray.