Agrana Studiobühne | Walfischgasse

Cast 01.02.2017

Director Silvia Armbruster
Set and costume design Stefan Morgenstern
Dirigent Witolf Werner
Vera Ildikó Raimondi
Niko Rafael Fingerlos
Tom Wolfram Igor Derntl
Melanie Maria Nazarova
Lea Lena Scheurich
Tim Fabian Holzer
Toni Mina Todorowski
Joshua Pia Oetheimer
Vroni Helena Magdic
Freunde der Kinder S Sedlak, Aurelie Roussel, Antonia Hladny, Marie-Sophie Tschak, Gabriel Pacher


Opera for young audiences has long been an important area for the Wiener Staatsoper, and one on which it has always focused particular attention. Premières of new works are also a regular occurrence – as in the case of the children’s opera Patchwork in the current season. This work commissioned by the Wiener Staatsoper tells the story of two families who eventually manage to arrange a patchwork life together. The composer of this new work is Tristan Schulze, already familiar to young operagoers in Vienna thanks to his adaptation of Undine a few years ago, and the librettist Johanna Von Der Deken, who has already written the text for the opera Das Städtchen Drumherum. The opera will be per-formed by members of the Wiener Staatsoper ensemble as well as pupils of the opera school.


Ausstattungspartner der Kinderopernproduktion Patchwork: IKEA