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Don Pasquale

Music Gaetano Donizetti → Dramma buffo in drei Akten

23. April 2022
1 intermission
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26. April 2022
1 intermission
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28. April 2022
1 intermission
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02. May 2022
1 intermission
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Cast 14.06.2019

Conductor Enrique Mazzola
Director Irina Brook
Stage Design Noëlle Ginefri-Corbel
Costume Design Sylvie Martin-Hyszka
Lighting Design Arnaud Jung
Choreography Martin Buczko
Don Pasquale Roberto De Candia
Ernesto Dmitry Korchak
Malatesta Orhan Yildiz
Norina Irina Lungu
Notar Wolfram Igor Derntl


It is one of the world's most famous comedies: On the one side we see an ageing bachelor intent on preserving his assets and who wants to assume the role of a lover once more. On the other we see a young leading lady who cleverly toys with him. In »Don Pasquale«, Donizetti has skilfully constructed the plot and its rounded characters: While the opera is a burlesque, it is also a timeless masterpiece of a conflict between patriarchal desires and youthful self-determination. Director Irina Brook gives the comedy a contemporary touch, swiftly leading it into an exaggeratedly candy-coloured finale, in which laughter is welcome, albeit not only directed at the characters.